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    Zero was founded on January 2016. The company is based in New York, NY, USA . The number of employees in Zero is less than 10. Zero, a personal health and fitness platform, is a fasting tracker used for intermittent, circadian rhythm, and custom fasting.

    Here is how Zero describes itself: "Fast track your goals when you track your fasts with Zero—expert guidance, insights, and accountability to unlock a longer, healthier life."
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          Zero has received 2 rounds of venture funding. The total funding amount is around $4M.

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                        Zero - Blog

                          • Introducing Tom Conrad, Zero’s Next CEO

                          • A Letter from Mike Maser I founded Big Sky Health, makers of Zero, nearly four years ago, with the goal of empowering people to unlock improved health and longevity through fasting. Together, in that time, we’ve fasted for 1.5 billion hours over 100 million fasts. Those are some seriously impressive numbers. And it’s the dedication...Read MoreThe post Introducing Tom Conrad, Zero’s Next CEO appeared first on Zero.
                          • How to Hack Sugar Cravings

                          • What are some good substitutes for a sweet tooth? Asked By: Shaina P. If you are fighting a sweet tooth, rest assured you are not alone! Scientists are increasingly aware of the drug-like effects of sugar consumption that keep us coming back for more. Removing “added sugars” is a good place to start when trying...Read MoreThe post How to Hack Sugar Cravings appeared first on Zero.
                          • Why I Fast with Zero: Dr. Peter Attia

                          • Dr. Peter Attia reveals the personal transformation that led him to develop a totally new set of rules for nutrition and how intermittent fasting can help you unlock your metabolic health. Download Zero on iOS and Android.Read MoreThe post Why I Fast with Zero: Dr. Peter Attia appeared first on Zero.
                          • Meet Marguerite

                          • Say hello to this month’s Zero Hero, Marguerite Palombella. A long-time Zero community member, she balances work, motherhood, a ketogenic diet, and a 23:1 fasting routine…phew! Her stance is ‘zero excuses’ when it comes to prioritizing her health and wellness goals—whether she’s pushing her kids in the stroller to get her steps in or strategically...Read MoreThe post Meet Marguerite appeared first on Zero.
                          • How Researchers are Using Zero to Improve the Health of Firefighters

                          • By: Rich LaFountain This may come as a surprise, but firefighters have surprisingly high disease, obesity, and mortality risk. You’d think such a high-intensity job would require extreme physical fitness, and the truth is, it does! But the very nature of firefighting – its unpredictability – makes it tough to maintain optimal health. Just think...Read MoreThe post How Researchers are Using Zero to Improve the Health of Firefighters appeared first on Zero.
                          • Can You Do a 16:8 Fast Every Day?

                          • Yes, you can! Daily 16:8 time-restricted feeding (TRF) is safe to practice as long as you are acquiring the energy and nutrition that you need within your eating window; 8-hours is typically more than enough time to consume your daily energy/nutrition requirements. Exceptions apply to those who require longer eating windows in order to comfortably...Read MoreThe post Can You Do a 16:8 Fast Every Day? appeared first on Zero.

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