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    Wellntel was founded on January 2012. The company is based in Milwaukee, WI, USA . The number of employees in Wellntel is less than 50. The wellntel system is the first in a family of smart, resource-aware products from the company.

    Here is how Wellntel describes itself: "Wellntel's Water Information System informs sustainable resource management for water-dependent businesses, farms, communities and their experts."
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          Wellntel has received 4 rounds of venture funding. The total funding amount is around $1.7M.

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                        Wellntel - Blog

                          • Analytics Dashboard grouping expanded to include non-Wellntel sensors

                          • Analytics Dashboard grouping is expanded to include non-Wellntel sensors and data streams that are stored in the Wellntel Cloud.
                          • Build public websites with WaterDrop Groups and Bookmarks while hiding private details

                          • Using AD and WaterDrop Groups and BookMarks, Curators can hide Personally Identifiable Information while sharing vital real-time water information from private collection locations on Public-Facing Websites.
                          • John Coyne Joins Team Wellntel as Director of Business Development

                          • Wellntel is thrilled to announce that John Creighton Coyne, an expert in Natural Resources and Environmental Management, has joined the team as Director of Business Development.
                          • Grapes need water, vineyards need water facts

                          • “Wellntel saves a bunch of labor not having to drive around to these wells and monitor them and record the results by hand”, said Rex Williams of St. Francis Winery and Vineyards.Specifically, Williams keeps a close watch on the Wellntel dashboard as they fill up an irrigation pond to know exactly what the well can produce, without overtaxing the system. Through this data, he was able to create an efficient system –– all while monitoring the well remotely through Wellntel.
                          • Better resource management

                          • Groundwater experts from four prominent Texas institutions have presented results of ongoing projects in partnership with Wellntel concluding that that Wellntel sensors “provide accurate and reliable continuous data with advanced cloud-based analytics at a low cost.
                          • Groundwater makes a dairy work

                          • "You can’t have water hauled in for 5,000 cows. And if you don’t have well water, you can’t cool the milk. So then you have all of this milk that you can’t use.” Mark Putra

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