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Atlas Sand - Permian Resource Solutions (Mar 02 2021)
Quick Permian Rebound Takes Proppant Supplies From Excess to Scarcity By Tim Beims and Colter Cookson   The American Oil & Gas Reporter The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines cyclicity as the state of occurring or moving in cycles. It could have saved some ink and simply written “see oil a...
    Flower Turbines - Dutch Secretary (minister) of Defense “inspects” our Flower Turbines at MINDbase military innovation centre in Rotterdam (Mar 05 2021)
    On March 3rd, 2021, Dutch Minister (Secretary) of Defense Ank Bijleveld-Schouten visited the Innovation Event of MINDbase, a center for stimulating defense innovation. At the event, Flower Turbines EU director Roy Osinga presented its vertical wind turbines, e-bike charging stations, and a special m...
      LC Drives - LC Drives breaks through at MineExchange 2021 (Mar 01 2021)
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        Navitas - Power & Beyond – Navitas ships 13 million GaN power ICs after Dell partnership (Mar 01 2021)
        TSMC has purchased 16 gallium nitride (GaN) related equipment from Navitas Semiconductor (known as Nanomicro Semiconductor in Chinese).
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          NEXTracker - PV Tech Talk Webinar: Large-format Modules (LFM) and Solar Trackers: Key Considerations and Impact on Plant LCOE, 21 April, 2021 (Mar 04 2021)
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            One Concern - ニューノーマル時代におけるレジリエンス:最高緊急事態管理責任者 クレイグ・フューゲートとのQ&A (Mar 01 2021)
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              Rhombus Energy Solutions, Inc. - V2X-Capable Vehicles: A Potentially Significant Adder to Grid Resiliency (Mar 02 2021)
              (Rick Sander, CEO, Tuesday March 2, 2021) As the weather event in Texas last month demonstrated, there are many factors that affect the resilience of the US power grids. One thing that seems true is that like for any event, it is important to factor in unexpected situations (“Murphy’s Law” ...