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BabySparks - Why It’s Important to Give Your Toddler Choices (Jan 27 2021)
Your toddler – strong-willed or not – has thoughts and wants of their own. Sometimes, they won’t align with yours. Still, it’s important for your toddler to have the opportunity
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    Defynance - One Week Left to Invest in Defynance’s Crowdfunding Campaign (Jan 25 2021)
    Time really does fly. It seems like just yesterday that we opened up the doors to our crowdfunding campaign, allowing you to own your own share of Defynance for as little as $100. And if you didn’t take advantage of that opportunity then, it’s not too late. Our crowdfunding campaign i...
      FireSpring Fund - Manfaat Jeruk Nipis (Jan 28 2021)
      Firespringfund – Jeruk nipis termasuk dalam kategori famiia rutaceae. Tinggin tanaman ini kurang lebih 3,5 meter. Batang pohon jeruk nipis memiliki ciri-ciri sebagai berikut, yakni
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        Fuel50 - Best Practices for an Internal Talent Marketplace Solution #3 (Jan 28 2021)
        The post Best Practices for an Internal Talent Marketplace Solution #3 appeared first on Fuel50.
          Synapse - What is Instructor-Led Training (ILT)? (Jan 29 2021)
          Instructor-led training is any formal training scenario that is led by an instructor or trainer for the purpose of communicating learning concepts (theoretical or practical) to an individual learner or group of learners. Traditionally, instructor-led training is held in classroom-style environmen...
            Hone - How should we train managers in 2021? (Jan 27 2021)
            Managing a team at a high-growth company has never been easy, and 2020 added unimaginable layers of difficulty and complexity. Here are our key lessons on how to train managers for the continued challenges ahead in 2021.
              Kenzie Academy - Kenzie News Roundup 1/29/21 (Jan 29 2021)
              Tech professionals leave San Francisco, therapists go viral, and 2021 is the year of low code. This is your weekly Kenzie news roundup.  Apply here On the hunt for a remote gig? Built In put together a list of the …
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                Mobalytics - Top 10 Crazy LoR Card Effects That Were Changed (Jan 29 2021)
                The Top 10 Crazy Old Card Effects Although LoR is still very much a newer card game, it has come a long way since its early days. As we get closer to Aphelios and Shrima, we wanted to take a look back and some of the wild changes that may have been forgotten. This article […]
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                  Northeast Ohio Medical University - Decrease in Asthma Rates in Children During Pandemic (Jan 29 2021)
                  The COVID-19 pandemic has led to some surprising trends in health care. While childhood obesity has risen, due to children [...]
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                    Ozobot - Our Favorite Winter-Themed OzoThings (Jan 27 2021)
                    Happy New Year, #OzoSquad! We’re back with our most beloved blog series, our favorite OzoThings! If you are new to the Ozobot family, these posts are monthly spotlights of inspiring and just-plain-awesome STEAM creations from our community of educators, parents, and kid creators.  Each mon...
                      PlantSnap - Is Deadly Nightshade Really Deadly? Misnomers of the Botanical World (Jan 29 2021)
                      Some plants have rightly earned their larger-than-life reputations. As one of the longest-used recreational drugs, murdering toxins, and beneficial medicines, deadly nightshade is certainly one of the most historically significant plants. Used to induce hallucinations, to murder, for beauty, and ...
                        Rallyware - Driving Digital Transformation of Enterprises through 2020 (Jan 26 2021)
                        2020 has been a challenging year for industries, economies, and the world as a whole. Even the most agile business leaders were not prepared for the devastating impact the pandemic had on many sectors....
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                          Script - Customer Spotlight – Washtenaw Intermediate School District (Jan 28 2021)
                          When schools and districts had to unexpectedly manage the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic back in March of last year, the Washtenaw Intermediate School District found itself with a powerful ally in managing the process — yours truly, Script. We recently spoke to Ashley Kryscynski, MSW,...
                            Showbie - SchoolKit – Deliver Impactful Learning Experiences (Jan 27 2021)
                            SchoolKit – Deliver Impactful Learning Experiences SchoolKit combines all of the essential tools for assignments, feedback, communication, assessment, and creativity –  for both in-class and remote learning. This suite of tools includes access to six teacher-approved applications, ...
                              Torch Leadership Labs - PennyMac builds an effective leadership bench with Torch (Jan 30 2021)
                                Watershed Systems - 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Badging and Micro-Credentialing (Jan 25 2021)
                                  Whatfix - BenefitWallet Introduction (Jan 31 2021)
                                  BenefitWallet Introduction
                                    WorkRamp - Introducing #WomenLEAD—Female Leaders in Learning, Enablement, and Development That You Should Know (Jan 26 2021)
                                    #WomenLEAD is a series where women in LEAD (Learning, Enablement, and Development) share the most impactful lessons they learned in 2020, as well as the goals they’ve set for the new year.
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