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7 Generation Games - Elizabeth Peratrovich (Dec 30 2020)
Here’s a little bit of US history from Southeast Alaska. Today, civil rights activist and Tlingit tribal member Elizabeth Peratrovich was celebrated as a Google Doodle. She was also honored on a new $1 coin from the US Mint earlier in 2020. Peratrovich was a key figure in establishing the firs...
    AdmitHub - 3 Tips To Support Your Students’ Mental Health Over Winter Break (Dec 30 2020)
    On top of the challenges of remote learning and social distancing, this winter break is likely to cause additional feelings of stress, depression, and anxiety for students. 
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      Aprende Institute - 5 maneras de lidiar con el fracaso y convertirlo en crecimiento personal (Dec 31 2020)
      En diversos aspectos de la vida el fracaso puede verse como algo malo e indeseable que representa un gran obstáculo, pero esto no significa que sea el fin de todo, siempre hay aprendizajes que representan una nueva oportunidad.  Hoy aprenderás 5 maneras en las que puedes lidiar con el frac...
        Aprende Institute - Aprende a preparar la receta tradicional de rosca de reyes (Dec 29 2020)
        La rosca de reyes es un infaltable para los primeros días del año, por esta razón te contaremos un poco de su historia, origen, elementos que la conforman y cómo es que sigue esta tradición hasta nuestros días. Además, te brindaremos la receta tradicional, así como las variacion...
          Athena Security - All the security protocols businesses and offices should have in place to ensure they’re protected from bio threats, weather damage, and other threats (Dec 27 2020)
            Cloud Academy - Goals Are Dreams with Deadlines: Completing Training Plans After the Due Date (Dec 29 2020)
            You don’t have to give up your training goals when work gets hectic  Training Plans are powerful tools for learners and managers alike. With a Training Plan, you assign training to yourself or others and set a due date based on your weekly time commitment. If you are unusually busy...
              CourseKey - 4 Ways To Increase Engagement Online In 2021 (Dec 27 2020)
              Engaging students online is going to be a top priority for all schools in 2021. While engagement is typically seen as volunteering during class, it's really made up of a few different components: communication, participation, and interaction. Fortunately, there are tools and methods that schools ...
                Defynance - Some Alternative Investments to Diversify your Portfolio (Dec 28 2020)
                When you get into investing, you hear the same thing all the time; “You need to diversify your portfolio”, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, etc. While it’s good advice, it doesn’t really tell you what you need to do. Sure, you can invest in the S&...
                  Praxis - 10 Better Ways to Get an Education than Spending $160K on College (Dec 31 2020)
                  Skip college and embrace alternative education with this massive list of education and training opportunities and resources that don’t cost $160K.
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                    Empowerly - Interview with Former College Admission Officer at UChicago, Stanford (Jan 01 2021)
                    Hear from a former college admission officer at UChicago and Stanford and learn what they look for in applicants. 
                    The post Interview with Former College Admission Offic...
                      Encantos - Business Insider’s 100 Top Startups Of 2020, cccording To VCs (Dec 29 2020)
                        Synapse - 2020 Round-Up: This Year’s Most Popular L&D Content by Synapse (Dec 29 2020)
                        We did a lot this year! From hosting webinars to sending out ebooks, we covered a lot of topics, trends, and insights in 2020. Some of our resources stood out to our subscribers as being particularly useful, so we thought we’d round them up for you right here so you can check them out at [̷...
                          Honorlock - Rapid Shift to Online Education Helps Universities Cope in Uncertain Times (Dec 30 2020)
                          Imagine what would have happened to colleges and universities in 2020 without the technology to allow teaching and learning to continue as...
                            Jefferson Education Accelerator - Hello world! (Dec 28 2020)
                            Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!
                              Kenzie Academy - Kenzie News Roundup 1/1/21 (Jan 01 2021)
                              Happy New Year! Cheers to 2020 being in our rearview mirror. Here’s hoping 2021 brings us all a greater sense of normalcy and peace.  In lieu of our regular news roundup, we’ve selected our favorite Kenzie blogs from the past …
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                                Legends of Learning - How To Make Remote Learning Fun (Dec 31 2020)
                                Getting students to engage in learning can be challenging. Some children may have difficulty focusing on the task at hand or may have a different...
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                                  Lessonly - What Coaching Cycling Classes Taught Me About Sales Coaching, Role-Play, and Vulnerability (Jan 01 2021)
                                  Depending on the scenario, role-plays can be amazing, daunting, awkward, or all of the above. But the question you’ve likely asked yourself as a sales leader is, “How useful are role-plays in sales training?”
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                                    Mursion - The Elephant in the Room | Mental Health Conversations at Work with Bryan Kohl and Dr. Lisa Desai of MindWise Innovations (Dec 30 2020)
                                    Mursion recently continued our Future of Healthcare Roundtable Series by hosting Bryan Kohl and Dr. Lisa Desai of MindWise Innovations to discuss the challenges and opportunities presented by having mental health conversations at work. Kohl is a 20-year technology professional who has spent h...
                                      Ozobot - Ozobot’s Year In Review: Reflecting on 2020 (Dec 31 2020)
                                      January and February of 2020 seem like a lifetime ago. At Ozobot, we had just moved into a new office office overlooking the ocean. We flew—mask-free—across the country to FETC and TCEA and connected with educators face-to-face, introducing them to our recently-launched Ozobot Classroom. The ...
                                        PikMyKid - Goodbye 2020, Lessons from a Tumultuous Year (Jan 01 2021)
                                        2020 will be the year that students, staff, and parents worldwide will talk about for generations to come. Schools closed down, and overnight whole communities went virtual. Millions of families were impacted in countless ways. During the weeks and months of lockdown, students felt the absence of...
                                          Precision OS - JAMA Network Open Publishes Groundbreaking VR Surgery Study (Dec 29 2020)
                                          Showcasing A 50% Reduction in Critical Surgical Errors after PrecisionOS™ VR Training
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                                            Roominate - The Best Power Wheels for 1 Year Olds (Jan 02 2021)
                                            Is your kid one of those children who are very fond of sitting behind your car’s steering wheel? But since they are small, kids can’t reach the wheels, and they can’t enjoy the experience at ... 
                                              Thalamus - Goodbye 2020: A Thank You to the GME Community (Dec 30 2020)
                                              The post Goodbye 2020: A Thank You to the GME Community appeared first on Thalamus.
                                                Thrive Global - Homebound with Toxic People? (Jan 02 2021)
                                                Try this 7 Step Self-Protection Plan
                                                  Tiamat Sciences - Homebound with Toxic People? (Jan 02 2021)
                                                  Try this 7 Step Self-Protection Plan
                                                    Tiamat Sciences - Help me with my worries (Jan 02 2021)
                                                    Calm and peace are a rich treasure.
                                                      Voxy - Online training: advantages for corporate L&D (Dec 29 2020)
                                                        Whatfix - Login (Dec 29 2020)
                                                          Wideo - The ultimate list (and growing) of content marketing video tools and resources 2021 (Dec 28 2020)
                                                          Video Marketing has taken social media strategy to another level. In this post we share some tips you should consider before launching your next campaign.
                                                          La entrada The ultimate list (and growing) ...