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    Vkansee Technology was founded on January 2013. The company is based in New York, NY, USA . The number of employees in Vkansee Technology is less than 500. Vkansee is ushering in a new age of mobile security with its revolutionary, patented new breed of utfis fingerprint sensors.

    Here is how Vkansee Technology describes itself: "Good things come in small packages. We offer the world's thinnest optical fingerprint sensor yet it takes images in stunning 2000dpi resolution."
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          Vkansee Technology has received 2 rounds of venture funding. The total funding amount is around $17M.

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                        Vkansee Technology - Blog

                          • Vkansee Developing OLED Fingerprint Solution

                          • Vkansee has announced a new partnership with Tianma. The industry leader will apply Vkansee’s MAPIS OLED technology to meet future requirements of high quality FOD (Fingerprinting-On-Display (FOD) with extra-thin module designs supporting current 4G and next generation 5G phones at less than 500um. SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) based on Tianma MAPIS OLED is 10 […]
                          • VKANSEE Launches Hybrid In-Display Optical Fingerprint Technology For Button Free Smartphone Era

                          • VKANSEE, the developer of the world’s first miniaturized optical fingerprint sensor, today announced a new generation of In-Screen Fingerprint Technology, where the Optics design is embedded directly inside the OLED display. The news comes as major players in the smartphone manufacturing space including Apple and Samsung have begun to eliminate buttons on new smartphone devices […]
                          • Apple’s iPhone X Face ID scanning is cool. Iris scanning is even cooler.

                          • The iPhone X, Apple’s premium new device with a price tag of $999, is replacing fingerprint authorization with face detection: Look into your phone and it will unlock. According to Apple, it works as seamlessly as the fingerprint-based Touch ID (despite that botched onstage demo). And unless you’re Arya Stark, the chances that your face […]
                          • Tech to Counter Rising Severity of Cyberattacks

                          • You can view the following at the link below. Source:
                          • Is Apple’s new iPhone’s really more secure?

                          • Apple’s iPhone has repeatedly popularized new methods to replace the password, swapping the passcode for fingerprints, and now, facial recognition. But does the iPhone X’s Face ID really offer users more security than Touch ID as Apple claims? Apple’s AAPL, -0.58% Face ID technology works using its “TrueDepth” camera system, invisibly projecting 30,000 dots over […]

                          • Password security may be overlooked, but strong passwords can be a key to keeping your company information secure. Here’s how to create them. JULY 14, 2017 As cyberattacks seem to become increasingly more prevalent, far-reaching and long-lasting in their damage, it’s more important than ever that you and your employees do everything possible to protect […]

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