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    Visage was founded on March 2014. The company is based in Irvine, CA, USA . The number of employees in Visage is less than 50. The design tool for content marketers

    Here is how Visage describes itself: "Help your entire organization become Brand Storytellers. It's now possible for everyone to create effective infographics, presentations, and reports."
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          Visage has received 2 rounds of venture funding. The total funding amount is around $2.2M.

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                        Visage - Blog

                          • How to Pick the Best Data Visualization Format for Your Story

                          • If you want to tell a powerful story, data is the way to go. Whether it’s proprietary data, industry research, or public data, there are compelling stories all around. But even the best data story can lose impact if it isn’t presented the right way. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right dataThe post How to Pick the Best Data Visualization Format for Your Story appeared first on Visage.
                          • Meet Visage 4.0: A Brand Design Tool for Your Whole Team

                          • We’ve recently made a bunch of awesome changes to Visage – many we’re quite stoked on. Over the last 16 months since we launched our new editor, we’ve listened and watched carefully to understand what kinds of graphics you’re wanting to create. What we found is that many folks are not just making marketing content, butThe post Meet Visage 4.0:<span class="visage-subtitle"> A Brand Design Tool for Your Whole Team</span> appeared first on Visage.
                          • Measuring Markets: Why Content Creation is Crucial to Digital Marketing

                          • From the funny to the ridiculous and anywhere in between, so much hype is placed on Super Bowl commercials—learning that a 30 second ad cost more than $5 million dollars blew my mind. But most of these multimillion-dollar ads (many having nothing to do with the actual products) fail to make me more inclined toThe post Measuring Markets:<span class="visage-subtitle"> Why Content Creation is Crucial to Digital Marketing</span> appeared first on Visage.
                          • Measuring Markets: Is VR/AR Going to Change the Game?

                          • Technology fads are met with a variety of responses: some people need it, some are moderately interested in it, and some want nothing to do with it. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are the newest arrivals. They come with plenty of hype, but will they really break through? Though they’re exciting, theseThe post Measuring Markets:<span class="visage-subtitle"> Is VR/AR Going to Change the Game?</span> appeared first on Visage.
                          • 360-DEGREE MOTION GRAPHIC: HOW TO BUILD YOUR BRAND

                          • What is a brand? How do you ensure yours is strong (and real)? At Visage and Column Five, we find that when our partners struggle to craft a unifying brand story, it’s because they don’t entirely know who they are. It’s not surprising. It’s tough work that requires deep self-reflection about your core purpose, vision,The post 360-DEGREE MOTION GRAPHIC:<span class="visage-subtitle"> HOW TO BUILD YOUR BRAND</span> appeared first on Visage.
                          • 11 Design Tips for Visualizing Survey Results

                          • So you conducted a kick-ass survey and now you just need to communicate your findings to your audience. Don’t waste your reader’s time by forcing them to scroll through pages of irrelevant responses. It’s your job to look through the responses, sort the answers, spot trends, and create a visual report that they can easilyThe post 11 Design Tips for Visualizing Survey Results appeared first on Visage.

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