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    VirZoom was founded on February 2015. The company is based in Cambridge, MA, USA . The number of employees in VirZoom is less than 50. Virzoom is a cambridge-based virtual reality fitness technology company.

    Here is how VirZoom describes itself: "VZfit is fun fitness at home. Use the power of virtual reality to turn playing, exploring and having fun into a way to get fit."
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          VirZoom has received 6 rounds of venture funding. The total funding amount is around $7.8M.

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                        VirZoom - Blog

                          • VZfit Member Pedaling to Fight Kid’s Cancer!

                          • Mike DeLooze has been an active member of the VZfit community since April of 2020, and has come to be known as the resident ice cream man, power cycler, and now charity rider! Mike is frequently at the top of the “weekly VZcals” chart, and has been the first to complete our two VZfit challenges. ... Read moreThe post VZfit Member Pedaling to Fight Kid’s Cancer! appeared first on VZFIT.
                          • Roadside Chats – November 2021

                          • Hello Riders! I know it’s been a while since our last big update.  We’ve been hard at work on something that will be familiar to some of you but brand new to many of you.  Our next update is going to include what we’re calling Virtual Rides. The first of these to launch will be ... Read moreThe post Roadside Chats – November 2021 appeared first on VZFIT.
                          • Welcome to Austria!

                          • Austria is a western European country known for its castles, schnitzel, and of course, Mozart. It’s also a stunningly beautiful landscape filled with snow-capped mountains and forests. Many people dream of visiting Austria – and now you can see it up close in VR!  VZfit’s Oktoberfest ride takes you across the country on the journey ... Read moreThe post Welcome to Austria! appeared first on VZFIT.
                          • VZfit Update: August 2021

                          • 1.3.0 Update Challenge Events Collect coins on a specific challenge ride, including while in multiplayer, during the event to earn themed outfit unlocks and Badges Badges are a new special type of achievement that can only be earned if you participate in a scheduled Challenge Challenge coins will show on challenge routes but you collect ... Read moreThe post VZfit Update: August 2021 appeared first on VZFIT.
                          • Roadside Chats – July 2021

                          • Hello Riders! I hope you’re all enjoying the new outfit customizations and multiplayer features.  The team is hard at work on the next set of updates and I wanted to give you a quick preview on what’s coming next. We have watched the community organize events in VZfit using other services to help motivate each ... Read moreThe post Roadside Chats – July 2021 appeared first on VZFIT.
                          • Meet Gary and Rachel: A father & daughter team using VZfit multiplayer to get healthy!

                          • Gary is in his 60’s, married, and the proud Grampy of five grandchildren! Health has been very important to Gary in recent years, and he has made a big change in his lifestyle- working out often and eating a plant based diet. He’s lost weight, lowered his cholesterol, prevented other issues from starting, and along ... Read moreThe post Meet Gary and Rachel: A father & daughter team using VZfit multiplayer to get healthy! appeared first on VZFIT.

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