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    VirZoom was founded on February 2015. The company is based in Cambridge, MA, USA . The number of employees in VirZoom is less than 50. Virzoom is a cambridge-based virtual reality fitness technology company.

    Here is how VirZoom describes itself: "VZfit is fun fitness at home. Use the power of virtual reality to turn playing, exploring and having fun into a way to get fit."
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          VirZoom has received 6 rounds of venture funding. The total funding amount is around $7.8M.

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                        VirZoom - Blog

                          • North America – Montana, Oregon/Washington and Arkansas

                          • Explore the breathtaking terrain of the Pacific Northwest through Oregon, Washington, and Montana as well as the natural beauty as you ride through Arkansas. Our Earth Day Challenge rides through North America feature some truly epic routes through amazing terrain. Ride past old growth trees, epic mountains, and more. Our North America Earth Day Challenge ... Read moreThe post North America – Montana, Oregon/Washington and Arkansas appeared first on VZFIT.
                          • Earth Day Challenge

                          • Our Earth is a beautiful place. Being able to transport ourselves to some of the most beautiful places in the world with Virtual Reality is a truly amazing thing. This Earth Day, we at VirZOOM want to give back to our incredible planet. This is how we came up with our Earth Day Challenge for ... Read moreThe post Earth Day Challenge appeared first on VZFIT.
                          • VZfit Update: April 2022

                          • 1.6.0 Update Earth Day Challenge is on its way This challenge will include a unique benefit, as a real tree will be planted for each first time completion of one of the challenge rides in the actual location where the ride takes place! VZplay games are now inside VZfit! No more launching a different app ... Read moreThe post VZfit Update: April 2022 appeared first on VZFIT.
                          • Challenge Ride: Ireland- Games Of Thrones Edition from VZFit

                          • VZfit allows you to transport yourself to faraway places from the comfort of your home and Quest 2 while getting fit. Players can do a variety of exercises to move through virtual experiences of different parts of the world. With VZfit, fitness and adventure meet in one space. With the latest challenge from VZfit and ... Read moreThe post Challenge Ride: Ireland- Games Of Thrones Edition from VZFit appeared first on VZFIT.
                          • Ireland Challenge 2022

                          • With VZfit, you’re able to experience the beauty of various parts of the world from the comfort of your own home while getting in a good workout. If you’re an avid cyclist, the winter months tend to get a bit mundane. Summer and spring are filled with epic rides and explorations. If you are missing ... Read moreThe post Ireland Challenge 2022 appeared first on VZFIT.
                          • VZfit Update: February 2022

                          • 1.5.0 Update (in beta) New Stats view! Displayed at login and on account page Easy profile swapping for multiple users of the same headset New fancy outfit selections for big spenders Option to not wear glasses / eyes now animate page for managing rides is dramatically improved Can now link directly to a ride ... Read moreThe post VZfit Update: February 2022 appeared first on VZFIT.

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