Venture Term Sheet

Presentation on venture key term items
  • A Complete Beginner’s Guide to VC Term Sheets
  • Key Terminology and Components of the VC Term Sheets
  • Y Combinator: Series A Term Sheet Template
  • Examples of Series A term sheet with standard and clean terms from a good Silicon Valley VC
  • How to Read a Term Sheet
  • quick, skimmable glossary of terms to understand
  • CB Insights on Venture Capital Terms
  • collection of terms that everyone involved in the venture capital world should know
  • Silicon Valley Bank: How To Read A Startup Term Sheet
  • Start by making sure you’re working with an investor that’s right for you; then look at all the terms — not just valuation.
    Make sure you understand critical elements like liquidation preferences, the options pool and board seats.
    VCs are experts and negotiation pros. Work with a good lawyer and learn when to dig in and when to accommodate.
    Provisions are negotiable, and you should understand what is worth fighting for

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