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    Urbix Resources was founded on January 2014. The company is based in Mesa, AZ, USA . The number of employees in Urbix Resources is less than 10. Urbix resources offers a variety of graphite powders and advanced graphite products.
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          Urbix Resources has received 1 rounds of venture funding. The total funding amount is around $3.5M.

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                        Urbix Resources - Blog

                          • Arizona Governor Honors Urbix, Inc. with Visit

                          • Phoenix, Arizona, June 3, 2021 — Mesa, Arizona-based Urbix, Inc., a green tech graphite processor and innovator, was honored recently when Arizona Governor Doug Ducey paid a visit to their facility near Falcon Field Airfield. The Governor is very focused on what his administration is calling 21st Century Economy, something […]
                          • Former Grupo Mexico and Southern Copper Executive Joins Urbix as Chief Financial Officer

                          • Urbix, Inc., North America’s leading green tech graphite purifier for electric vehicle batteries, has announced that industry veteran Eduardo González Félix has joined the company as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). In addition to acting as CFO, González Félix will take part in the Urbix, Inc. Advisory Board and participate as […]
                          • Noble Intentions

                          • Urbix Advisory Board member and founder of Electric Vehicles Outlook, Roger Atkins, called out Urbix co-founder, CEO and Chairman Nico Cuevas in a recent article on LinkedIn. Atkins lauded President Biden’s efforts “noble intentions” in supporting American industry, while also praising the efforts of Cuevas and Urbix. Atkins writes: Here’s […]
                          • Urbix Natural Flake Graphite Anode to Replace Synthetic

                          • Phoenix, Arizona, March 16, 2021 — US advanced materials leader Urbix, Inc. has completed preliminary testing on a new and better performing natural anode grade graphite, also known as Coated Spherical Purified Graphite (CSPG). Dramatic improvements through Urbix’s spheroidization have developed a process that makes CSPG competitive with synthetic anodes.   Typically synthetic anodes are 20 to […]
                          • Making the Future of America in America

                          • Phoenix, Arizona, February 16, 2021 — FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: A policy to support the manufacture of things Made in America can make a situation where going into production creates what is essentially a guaranteed sale. Urbix, Inc of Mesa, Arizona is a good example of a company that will benefit […]
                          • Shares in BlackEarth Minerals “Skyrocket” After Urbix MOU Announced

                          • The Market Herald has reported that “Shares in BlackEarth Minerals (BEM) have skyrocketed after the company signed an MOU for the supply of graphite concentrate to U.S.-based Urbix.” Reporter Oliver Gray writes: Initially, BlackEarth will supply its high-grade graphite concentrate to Urbix’s 31,000-square-foot downstream processing facility, which is currently under […]


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