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    TidalScale was founded on January 2013. The company is based in Campbell, CA, USA . The number of employees in TidalScale is less than 50. Tidalscale result faster, simpler, cheaper development. scale your compute to match the problem, rather than the problem to the compute.
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          TidalScale has received 7 rounds of venture funding. The total funding amount is around $43M. Last venture funding round was $1.2M, announced on July, 2020.

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                          • Patents

                          • US9,191,435; US9,609,048; US10,187,452; US10,205,772; US10,353,736; KR10-2051282; US8,544,004*; US8,832,692*; US9,020,801*; US 10,579,421; US 10,579,274 * Under license from ScaleMP
                          • Simulation applications on TidalScale

                          • Executing and analyzing large, complex models pose unique computing challenges. And these challenges are only growing as companies face the need to process, analyze, and act on ever-increasing amounts of data. Typically, IT professionals are faced with two options: scale-up by purchasing extremely expensive specialized computers, or scale-out by rewriting applications using complex distributed algorithms … Simulation applications on TidalScale Read More »
                          • Focus on possibilities, not limits

                          • Computer Science is obsessed with “negative results” and “limits.” We seem to delight in pinpointing a terminus for virtually any technology or architecture – to map the place where the party ends.   Take, for example, Amdahl’s Law, which seems to suggest that once you reach a certain point, parallelism doesn’t help performance. Amdahl’s law … Focus on possibilities, not limits Read More »
                          • A big data challenge, finally solved

                          • When I talk with people about the rapidly increasing volumes of data they rely on to run their business, I describe data growth in terms of the cost of sending a kid to college. Today, tuition and fees at an out-of-state public school average nearly $25,000 a year. If those costs grow at the rate that data … A big data challenge, finally solved Read More »
                          • 3 ways to amplify container performance

                          • A recent survey of 310 IT professionals found that container production operations have nearly doubled in the past year. Container technology is popular because it provides efficient utilization of isolated resources without all the overhead of traditional virtualization.   One of the key innovations container technology claims over traditional virtualization is that the isolation and transportability of a … 3 ways to amplify container performance Read More »
                          • The one thing every data center needs (but doesn’t have)

                          • Most data center managers – and even many end users – are familiar with Software-Defined Networking and Software-Defined Storage. These battle-tested approaches to virtualizing existing assets make it easier for resources to zig when workloads zag. They introduce significant flexibility into the data center, which is a win for practically everyone involved.   But one … The one thing every data center needs (but doesn’t have) Read More »

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