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    Tellor was founded on March 2019. The company is based in Frederick, MD, USA . The number of employees in Tellor is less than 10. The decentralized oracle for defi
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          Tellor has received 2 rounds of venture funding. The total funding amount is less than $0.5M.

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                        Tellor - Blog

                          • The Tellor Machine – Part 0: The Oracle Problem

                          •   The Oracle Problem…How did we get here? The Tellor Machine series of blog posts is an in-depth look at...The post The Tellor Machine – Part 0: The Oracle Problem first appeared on tellor.
                          • How to Query Custom Data with Tellor

                          • Any data, any chain, any speed We all know that you can do price feeds super easily with Tellor.  In...The post How to Query Custom Data with Tellor first appeared on tellor.
                          • Filecoin Insurance

                          • Piggy-backing off of our presentation on Filecoin, the Tellor devs have put together an mvp smart contract for the users...The post Filecoin Insurance first appeared on tellor.
                          • Tellor Launches on Algorand

                          • In an effort to facilitate a multi-chain ecosystem, the Tellor oracle has been re-implemented for the Algorand Virtual Machine (AVM)....The post Tellor Launches on Algorand first appeared on tellor.
                          • Tellor RNG

                          • Tellor officially now has its own Random Number Generator! After seeing such high market demand for a fully decentralized RNG,...The post Tellor RNG first appeared on tellor.
                          • Gas Price Oracle

                          • Providing historical gas price data on-chain enables DeFi protocols to build smart contracts with reimbursement functionality; helping to create new...The post Gas Price Oracle first appeared on tellor.


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