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    Suja Life was founded on May 2012. The company is based in San Diego, CA, USA . The number of employees in Suja Life is less than 100. Suja began from a shared dream to help people transform their lives through conscious nutrition.

    Here is how Suja Life describes itself: "Suja Juice offers a variety of cold-pressed organic juices packed with fruits and vegetables. Check out our flavorful juices and functional beverages here!"
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          Suja Life has received 5 rounds of venture funding. The total funding amount is around $47.2M.

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                        Suja Life - Blog

                          • a Suja twist on an aperol spritz

                          • We’re putting a cool twist on a classic spritz. Pour your blended Aperol spritz with Suja Elements Pineapple Orange is perfect for a hot summer night or a frozen treat year-round. Citrusy, sweet, and just a touch of bitter, this cocktail is sure to become a new staple. Ingredients:  3oz of Prosecco 3oz Aperol liquor  […]The post a Suja twist on an aperol spritz appeared first on Suja Juice.
                          • when life gives you lemons, make a love arnold palmer

                          • What’s more refreshing on a hot summer day than an ice-cold Arnold Palmer? An Arnold Palmer made with Suja of course! Whether you’re hitting a hole in one on the golf course or relaxing poolside, this sweet summer treat is perfect for any occasion. Arnold Palmer Ingredients:  Ice 1 bottle Suja Lemon Love Iced tea […]The post when life gives you lemons, make a love arnold palmer appeared first on Suja Juice.
                          • Suja Summertime Spritzer

                          • Summertime calls for Spritzers! We’re combining 2 of our favorite juices to create the perfect spritzer to beat the heat, perfect for the whole family. This spritzer features our Suja Turmeric Love and Elements Pineapple Orange which will transport your taste buds to a tropical island right at home.  Ingredients:  Ice  Pieces of fresh Pineapple […]The post Suja Summertime Spritzer appeared first on Suja Juice.
                          • Sunrise Smoothie Bowl

                          • Change up your eggs and bacon breakfast routine with a functional smoothie bowl! Packed with plant power, this is the perfect way to switch up getting your greens in. Featuring our Mighty Dozen juice and Vitamin D & Zinc shot, you won’t even know you’re having veggies for breakfast!  Ingredients:  1 cup of frozen mangos […]The post Sunrise Smoothie Bowl appeared first on Suja Juice.
                          • Ginger Love Salad Dressing

                          • Boring salads are a thing of the past (thankfully). The best way to spruce up a salad is with a fresh homemade dressing. Packing a tangy twist with the perfect amount of heat to spruce up your leafy greens, our Ginger Love dressing will have you craving salad all day long.  Ingredients:  2 tbsp Suja […]The post Ginger Love Salad Dressing appeared first on Suja Juice.
                          • Put the lime in the celery and shake it all up: Celery Margarita

                          • Taco Tuesday is calling your name and we have the perfect pairing. Our Suja Celery Margarita is the best excuse to get your greens in (with a little tequila of course). Create a big batch for a taco party or one to enjoy yourself, either way, you’ll have a party!  Ingredients: 1 Lime  Margarita Salt  […]The post Put the lime in the celery and shake it all up: Celery Margarita appeared first on Suja Juice.

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