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    SmartLam North America was founded on January 2019. The company is based in Columbia Falls, MT, USA . The number of employees in SmartLam North America is less than 250. Smartlam north america is a provider of cross laminated timber for sustainable green buildings from coast-to-coast.

    Here is how SmartLam North America describes itself: "We at SmartLam are proud of our role in the creation and growth of the cross laminated timber sector in the United States.  We started the first domestic production in 2012.  Since then, we have supplied Cross Laminated Timber for sustainable green buildings from coast-to-coast. "
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          SmartLam North America has received 1 rounds of venture funding. The total funding amount is around $41.7M.

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                        SmartLam North America - Blog

                          • New Leadership

                          • SmartLam Expands in an Uncertain Time for Most   Inquiries: While other major companies falter amidst uncertainty in lumber and the construction industry following a strange year across these industries, SmartLam North America is growing. SLNA has always been a company full of innovators,...The post New Leadership appeared first on SmartLam North America.
                          • Lost Rabbit Case Study

                          • QUICK FACTS + First CLT building in Mississippi + Mixed use building + Phase 1 was concrete  + All future phases will be CLT  Recently, our team discussed the Condominiums at Lost Rabbit with Todd Everett, the building’s developer and owner. Todd had nothing but...The post Lost Rabbit Case Study appeared first on SmartLam North America.
                          • Benefits of Southern Yellow Pine

                          • QUICK FACTS + Alabama is #7 in lumber production + Forestry is Alabama’s 2nd largest manufacturing industry, ranking #1 in US pulp production, and #3 in paper production + Timber expansion in Alabama outpaces the harvesting + Alabama sports 1,400 tree farms with 2.2 million...The post Benefits of Southern Yellow Pine appeared first on SmartLam North America.
                          • CLT Patent

                          • QUICK FACTS +  IT is widely accepted that CLT originated in Europe in the 90s +  This patent is from 1923 in Tacoma, Washington +  That makes CLT 97 this year + Cross-Laminated Timber Patent from the 1920s   If you search the internet and type...The post CLT Patent appeared first on SmartLam North America.
                          • St Peter and Paul Cathedral

                          • QUICK FACTS +  Built from 1883 +  Towers finished in 1901 +  194 feet long +  Bells weigh over 1.5 tons In the capital city of Paramaribo in the country Suriname, located in the north of South America, there stands a cathedral that is one...The post St Peter and Paul Cathedral appeared first on SmartLam North America.
                          • Nara Temple Complex

                          • Time for some history on buildings built out of wood centuries ago. Wood is a very reliable building material and has been utilized for thousands of years. Last month we learned about the Stave Churches in Norway, click here to read more about them.   Today we’re headed across the...The post Nara Temple Complex appeared first on SmartLam North America.

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