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    Skyport Systems was founded on January 2013. The company is based in Mountain View, CA, USA . The number of employees in Skyport Systems is less than 50. Skyport systems develops hyper-secured infrastructure that ensures the security of mission-critical it and corporate assets.
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          Skyport Systems has received 3 rounds of venture funding. The total funding amount is around $67M.

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                        Skyport Systems - Blog

                          • Skyport Systems Named 2017 Cool Vendor Compute Platforms by Gartner

                          • MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (May 1, 2017) – Skyport Systems, a leading secure hyper-converged infrastructure provider for the hybrid enterprise, today announced it has been named a Cool Vendor in the “Cool Vendors for Compute Platforms, 2017 report” by Gartner Inc., the world’s premier information technology research and advisory company. The report evaluates interesting, new and […]The post Skyport Systems Named 2017 Cool Vendor Compute Platforms by Gartner appeared first on SkyportSystems.
                          • How to Secure Active Directory

                          • Secure Active Directory Protect privileged credentials, domain controllers, and authoritative administrative systems with SkySecure. Pre-built templates enable Active Directory Security in minutes not hours. Admin Forest Wall off your administrative systems and key accounts from your production AD environment to avoid risk from day-to-day attacks. Build the ultimate Active Directory Admin Forest with Skyport SkySecure. Active […]The post How to Secure Active Directory appeared first on SkyportSystems.
                          • Remote Apps

                          • Seamlessly Manage Remote and Branch Offices It is difficult and expensive to build a system for remote and untrusted environments that is easy for IT to deploy and operate, meets the requirements of security operations, and is flexible enough to support application teams’ changing needs. SkySecure is the only commercial compute system that is fully […]The post Remote Apps appeared first on SkyportSystems.
                          • Critical IT Systems

                          • SkySecure minimizes the attack surface area of the platforms and operating systems the applications run on without the typical multi-tool security overhead. The built-in logging and analytics can pinpoint thwarted attempts to scan, attack, and control the server. Microsoft Active Directory Active Directory has known issues related to credential hijacking, and in 2015, over 75% […]The post Critical IT Systems appeared first on SkyportSystems.
                          • Five Necessary Improvements To the Swift Security Model

                          • Recently there has been what is likely the beginning of a wave of break-ins and financial exfiltrations via the SWIFT Alliance.  Reports vary a bit, but between vendor/operator mistakes, weak security controls, lack of integrated forensics, and some not-so-best practices we have ended up witnessing the theft of over $80 million dollars.  (It could have […]The post Five Necessary Improvements To the Swift Security Model appeared first on SkyportSystems.
                          • Netflix Hack Cautionary Tale

                          • Last month, Netflix became the latest major corporation to be targeted by hackers. While the only consequence was 10 episodes of “Orange Is the New Black” being streamed online before their scheduled release date, the hack is still a sobering reminder of every organization’s potential vulnerability. Today, we’ll look at what happened, why it happened […]The post Netflix Hack Cautionary Tale appeared first on SkyportSystems.

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