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    Robin Autopilot was founded on January 2015. The company is based in Dallas, TX, USA . The number of employees in Robin Autopilot is less than 10. Robin autopilot limits air and noise pollution, impacting meaningful environmental change via their choice of lawn care service.

    Here is how Robin Autopilot describes itself: "Mow Better. Robin’s robotic mowing service is eco-friendly, reliable, and affordable. Just one robot mower reduces the same pollution as replacing two cars with Teslas!"
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          Robin Autopilot has received 1 rounds of venture funding. The total funding amount is around $1.2M.

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                        Robin Autopilot - Blog

                          • Robin Autopilot Continues Its Growth in Robotic Lawn Care with the Acquisition of Mowbot and expanded partnership with Husqvarna

                          • Mowbot franchises will offer lawn care services “powered by Robin” with access to all of the products, tools, and resources available through the Robin platform An expanded partnership with Husqvarna strengthens Robin’s leadership position in robotics as a service (RaaS) for the lawn care industry Acquisition continues rapid expansion of Robin’s geographic footprint   Dallas, […]
                          • Robin Autopilot Appoints Jonathan Pototschnik to Board of Directors

                          • Dallas, TX – January 28th, 2021 – Robin Autopilot, a leader in the growing North American robotic mower and lawn maintenance market, announced today that Jonathan Pototschnik has been named to its Board of Directors. Pototschnik is the chief executive officer and co-founder of Service Autopilot, a business automation and scheduling software solution for businesses […]
                          • Robin Autopilot Year-End Review

                          • Friends, For Robin Autopilot, 2020 was a pivotal year. We saw tremendous growth and progress, despite the challenges caused by Covid-19 and ever-changing market conditions. Perhaps most notably, our team successfully transitioned the business from a franchisor service platform to a software company focused on Robots as a Service (RaaS). This new business model will […]
                          • Robin Autopilot Appoints Hiten Sonpal as Chief Product and Strategy Officer

                          • Dallas, TX – November 2nd, 2020 – Robin Autopilot USA, a leading solution provider in the growing North American robotic mower and lawn maintenance market, announced today that it has appointed Hiten Sonpal as its chief product and strategy officer. Sonpal will lead Robin Autopilot’s product and software engineering functions and will oversee the company’s […]
                          • Robin Autopilot Appoints Davey Tree CFO Joseph Paul to Board of Directors

                          • CLEVELAND, Ohio – September 14th, 2020 – Robin Autopilot USA, a leader in the growing North American robotic mower and lawn maintenance market, announced today that Joseph Paul, executive vice president and chief financial officer of The Davey Tree Expert Company, has been named to the Robin Autopilot Board of Directors. Paul has more than […]
                          • Robin Robotic Doors Introduces Patented Guidance System That Opens New Doors for Robotic Mowers

                          • IRVING, Texas – [September 10, 2020] – Robin Robotic Doors, a leading innovator in technology for the rapidly growing robotic mowing market, has introduced a new guidance system that enables robotic mowers to maneuver through smaller gates and tighter spaces. Patent number 10,767,383, Ground Wire Guidance System for Robotic Vehicle with Doorway Access, was issued by the U.S. Patent and […]

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