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    Qeexo was founded on September 2012. The company is based in Mountain View, CA, USA . The number of employees in Qeexo is less than 50. Qeexo develops machine learning solutions for edge that generate actionable insights from sensor data.
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          Qeexo has received 3 rounds of venture funding. The total funding amount is around $7.4M.

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                        Qeexo - Blog

                          • Model Performance Evaluation in Qeexo AutoML

                          • Introduction Qeexo AutoML provides feedback on trained models through tables and charts. These visualizations can be useful in determining how models trained in Qeexo AutoML should perform in live classification and can help form suggestions for how to improve model performance in specific circumstances, such as diagnosing why a certain class label is hard to […]
                          • Qeexo和意法半导体合作提供具备机器学习功能的 运动传感器 加快下一代物联网应用开发

                          • Qeexo AutoML自动化机器学习(ML)平台的开发者Qeexo公司和服务多重电子应用领域的全球半导体领导者意法半导体 (STMicroelectronics,简称 ST;纽约证券交易所代码:STM)宣布,意法半导体的机器学习核心(MLC)传感器已加入能够加快边缘设备tinyML微型机器学习模型开发的Qeexo AutoML平台。
                          • Arm’s Startup Day Shows its Support for Future Hardware Startups

                          • Finding new tech often means looking at startups. To support this critical aspect of the tech industry, Arm launches its “Startup Day” event. What is it, and what were some key takeaways? Read the full article here:
                          • Cross-Platform Swift at Scale

                          • The dream of every developer is to be able to write code once and deploy everywhere. This allows for smaller teams to deploy more reliable products to a wider variety of users. Unfortunately, due to the numerous different operating systems with varying underlying kernels and user interface APIs, this often turns into a nightmare for […]
                          • IoT News of the Week for July 9, 2021

                          • Anyone can now build smarter sensors using Qeexo and STMicroelectronics sensors: This is a cool example of ML at the edge.
                          • Qeexo adds AutoML to STMicro MLC sensors to speed tinyML, IIoT development

                          • Machine learning developer Qeexo and semiconductor STMicroelectronics have teamed up to allow STMicro’s machine learning core sensors to leverage Qeexo’s AutoML automated machine learning platform that accelerates the development of tinyML models for edge devices.

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