Build Success Investor Presentation / Pitch Deck

Focuses on company purpose, problem statement, solutions, timing, competition...
  • Y Combinator
  • Legible, Simple, Obvious
  • RRE Ventures
  • A comprehensive guide to building a fundraising pitch deck for your early-stage startup.
  • Forbes Magazine article on how to create a great investor pitch deck for startups seeking financing
    Important Do’s and Don’ts for Investor Pitch Decks
  • Drop Deck – Best Startup Investor Presentation / Pitch decks
  • A pitch deck is typically a 10-20 slide presentation that covers the problem you are solving, the opportunity, your target market, how your solution will change lives, and much more. This article show some of the best pitch decks used to raise capital.
  • 50 Best Pitch Deck Examples
  • Best Pitch Decks and Design from YC & 500 Startups
  • 30+ Best Pitch Deck Examples Slide bean Pitch deck examples
    Best pitch deck examples from heavy-hitters such as Guy Kawasaki, Airbnb, Uber, Facebook and more

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