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    Predictive Health Partners was founded on March 2017. The company is based in West Des Moines, IA, USA . The number of employees in Predictive Health Partners is less than 10. Saas, predictive analytics platform tied to healthcare mobile app
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          Predictive Health Partners has received 7 rounds of venture funding. The total funding amount is less than $1M. Last venture funding round was $0.1M, announced on October, 2020.

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                        Predictive Health Partners - Blog

                          • Will Health Plan Costs Spur a New Wave of ERISA Suits?

                          • The lack of transparency in the US healthcare system has bred outrageous price discrepancies, unimaginable in any other industry.
                          • Trump Issues Executive Order

                          • On June 20th, President Trump issued an executive order to compel disclosure and transparency in healthcare prices. Predictive Health Partners will be watching closely the developments of this historic event. Read more about it at
                          • Americans Borrow $88B for Healthcare

                          • Predictive Health Partners allows your employees to search for price and quality information for geo-specific, in-network routine care facilities, for 600 types of procedures and cost-savings for expensive specialty-care prescription drugs. You can read the full article at
                          • ERISA Health White Paper

                          • Read more about it on the following article “Employer ERISA Obligation to Manage the Health Benefit in Self-Insured Group Health Plans“ by CGH Benefits Law Firm. Predictive Health Partners can assist your self-funded organization in limiting fiduciary liability. Like to know how much your organization is wasting in healthcare?
                          • ERISA Fiduciary Responsibilities

                          • Predictive Health Partners supports this article published by The American Health Policy Institute. Healthcare plan fiduciaries certainly do have the “unfettered right to access, analyze, and compare health servicing provider pricing, network fee arrangements, and quality data, and to communicate that information to stimulate competition”.
                          • Worst of both worlds

                          • Did you know that 78% of your employees don’t understand their benefits and 59% don’t know howto use them? That is the worst of both worlds: poor consumerism and reactive healthcare.

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