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    Paxos was founded on January 2012. The company is based in New York, NY, USA . The number of employees in Paxos is less than 250. Paxos is a regulated financial institution building infrastructure to enable movement between physical and digital assets.

    Here is how Paxos describes itself: "Our cutting-edge technology and bank-level oversight enables you to trade, settle and manage digital assets with confidence."
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          Paxos has received 5 rounds of venture funding. The total funding amount is around $535.3M. Last venture funding round was $300M, announced on April, 2021.

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                        Paxos - Blog

                          • Crypto 101: What is Crypto Custody?

                          • Custody is a commonly used term in financial services and refers to the holding and safekeeping of assets, such as dollars or gold. Crypto custody is about holding cryptographic keys (which you can think of as passwords that unlock crypto wallets), and is typically handled through “cold” or “hot” wallets.  The post Crypto 101: What is Crypto Custody? appeared first on Paxos.
                          • Crypto-Curious? Your Business Can Benefit

                          • In one year alone, the size of the crypto market has grown 537%. You’d be hard pressed to find another market that has grown so quickly and has captured the attention of both retail and institutional investors. The post Crypto-Curious? Your Business Can Benefit appeared first on Paxos.
                          • Crypto 101: What is Bitcoin?

                          • Last last night, on November 8, 2021, Bitcoin hit an all-time price high of $68,521. In the very short span of 12 years, Bitcoin has entered the world and become one of the most attractive assets as a store of value. But what actually is Bitcoin? Let's take a moment to review! The post Crypto 101: What is Bitcoin? appeared first on Paxos.
                          • Paxos at Money20/20 in 2021

                          • October 2021 marked the first time Paxos hosted a booth Money20/20 USA - the preeminent conference that brings leaders from financial institutions and technology providers to Las Vegas in order to learn more about what the future of fintech holds.The post Paxos at Money20/20 in 2021 appeared first on Paxos.
                          • USDP Chosen for Novi Pilot

                          • USDP, Paxos’ leading regulated stablecoin backed 100% by cash and cash equivalents, is the inaugural stablecoin available in Facebook’s pilot of the Novi digital wallet launched today. This news represents a tide shift in digital assets, as it’s the first time that stablecoins are readily available in a consumer wallet outside of the crypto ecosystem. The post USDP Chosen for Novi Pilot appeared first on Paxos.
                          • Adding Crypto to Your App? Here’s What You Need to Know

                          • Paxos has been working in crypto since the early days. We built the first institutional Bitcoin exchange and we’ve been growing our regulated product capabilities ever since. We’re building the regulated financial market infrastructure that multinational enterprises with billions in customer assets and global reputations to protect rely upon. We’re seasoned crypto experts and  help partners navigate the complexity of jumping into crypto markets. The post Adding Crypto to Your App? Here’s What You Need to Know appeared first on Paxos.

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