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    Osaro was founded on January 2015. The company is based in San Francisco, CA, USA . The number of employees in Osaro is less than 50. Osaro is an artificial intelligence company developing products based on proprietary deep reinforcement learning technology.
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          Osaro has received 4 rounds of venture funding. The total funding amount is around $29.3M.

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                        Osaro - Blog

                          • What’s in a Name?

                          • A common question we get at OSARO is, “What does your name mean?” OSARO is actually an acronym, each letter of which corresponds to a component of a continuous process of learning and decision-making that nearly every living organism with a nervous system, including you, engages in throughout the entirety of its life. This process … What’s in a Name? Read More »The post What’s in a Name? appeared first on Osaro.
                          • Why Grasping is Hard

                          • Even though deep reinforcement learning (RL) has conquered complex games like Go, Poker, and Atari, simply getting a robot to see and robustly grasp an object using RL techniques remains a challenge. But why should is grasping–a task that’s so easy for humans– be so hard to automate? The answer lays in the fact that … Why Grasping is Hard Read More »The post Why Grasping is Hard appeared first on Osaro.
                          • Creating Hardware Agnostic Robot AI

                          • Tasks that we describe as “robotic” are often actually tasks that robots can’t yet do. Currently, robots only serve us in environments where there is almost no variation in the task required — that’s because robots are not able to adapt to even minor changes in environment or specification of task. Simply put, robots do … Creating Hardware Agnostic Robot AI Read More »The post Creating Hardware Agnostic Robot AI appeared first on Osaro.

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