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    Metalenz is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. The number of employees in Metalenz is unknown. Metalenz designs and sells meta-optics including consumer electronics, mobile phones, and automotive.
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          Metalenz has received 3 rounds of venture funding. The total funding amount is around $17.4M.

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                  Metalenz - Blog

                    • Metasurfaces Come to the Market

                    • Optica :: In the past decade, academic research labs have published increasingly dazzling results demonstrating the rich potential of metasurfaces. These planar materials, decorated with collections of nanostructures and nanopatterns, can shape and direct light in intricately engineered ways, doing the heavy lifting of multiple optical components in a single 2D surface.In principle, these accomplished engineered surfaces could radically reduce system size and complexity in a range of applications. But impressive as they’ve been in the lab, the use of metasurfaces in actual commercial devices has always seemed just out of reach—something that would happen at some point in the future, perhaps, but not quite today.Now Metalenz, an early-stage company spun out of the research group of Optica Fellow Federico Capasso at Harvard University six years ago—says it has crossed that threshold. 
                    • World’s First Metasurface for Consumer Electronics Makes Commercial Debut

                    • Laser Focus World :: A recently announced partnership between Metalenz and STMicroelectronics marks optical revolutions for the 3D sensor market.
                    • Metalenz and STMicroelectronics Deliver World’s First Optical Metasurface Technology for Consumer Electronics Devices.

                    • Metalenz metasurfaces are now on the market through its partnership with STMicroelectronics, marking the introduction of this revolutionary optical technology in real-world devices.Boston, MA and Geneva, Switzerland – June 9, 2022 – Metalenz, the first company to commercialize meta-optics, and STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM), a global semiconductor leader serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications, today announce that ST’s currently released VL53L8 direct Time-of-Flight (dToF) sensor is the highly anticipated market debut of the meta-optics devices developed through their partnership, which was disclosed in June 2021.
                    • World’s First Printable Optical Metasurface For Vision, 3D Sensing, LIDAR Now Shipping In Consumer Products

                    • Forbes :: Metalenz announced today that chip giant ST Micro’s latest product incorporates its metasurface technology that puts flat lenses in consumer products like smartphones, laptops, smart home devices, even cars. Crucially, Metalenz’ tech is printed like computer chips in silicon wafers, which means mass production at very low cost.
                    • Cybernews Interview with Co-Founder and CEO Rob Devlin

                    • Cybernews :: Since the pandemic caused a digital transformation for many companies and locked everyone at home, the need for technology suitable to use from home has only increased. One type of technology that can help make life easier is meta-optics. Metalenz has the ability to bring equipment that has previously lived in scientific or medical laboratories into the palm of every person’s hand.
                    • Metalenz Launches Gemini to Make 3D Sensing Easier with Selectable Illuminator Optics

                    • Benzinga :: Metalenz unveils the Gemini™ product family, switchable illumination optics based on foundational polarization IP.

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