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    Loyyal was founded on February 2014. The company is based in San Francisco, CA, USA . The number of employees in Loyyal is less than 10. Loyyal is a loyalty and rewards platform that brings interoperability to the currently fragmented industry.
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          Loyyal has received 6 rounds of venture funding. The total funding amount is around $5M.

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                        Loyyal - Blog

                          • Loyyal and Clara Terra Join Forces to Allow Loyalty Points to Pay for Carbon Offsets

                          • New Partnership between Blockchain-based Startups to Unlock $500 Billion Worth of Loyalty Points as Liquidity for Carbon Credits San Francisco — ​Loyyal​, a blockchain-based platform that streamlines complex transactions involving loyalty points across multiple loyalty programs and their partners, and ​Clara Terra​, a blockchain-based app that lets companies match consumer contributions to reduce carbon emissions, […]
                          • Loyyal Signs Three Year Production Agreement with The Emirates Group for Use of Blockchain Loyalty and Rewards Platform

                          • SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Loyyal, the leading blockchain solution for the loyalty and rewards industry, today announced it has signed a three-year commercial production vendor agreement with The EmiratesGroup. Loyyal’s blockchain-enabled loyalty and rewards platform, now in production at Emirates Skywards, brings new transparency, efficiency and cost savings to, the award-winning loyalty programme of Emirates and […]
                          • Loyyal Announces Endorsement From Emirates Skywards

                          • Loyyal receives endorsement from Dr. Nejib Ben Khedher – Divisional Senior Vice President, Skywards from Emirates Skywards endorsing the success Emirates Airways has experienced from Loyyal’s successful pilots and product integration. SAN FRANCISCO, 13 October 2019 – Loyyal is the industry leader in bringing the power of blockchain technologies to loyalty and incentive programs. Highlights: […]
                          • Loyyal v2.0

                          • Exciting developments continue! We are pleased to announce that we have released Loyyal Product Suite v2.0 While we are continually improving our platform with incremental enhancements and fixing anomalies, below is a summary of the important new capabilities and features of this release: What’s new Multi-Channel Creation and Participation Allows for complete private chain solutions […]
                          • Loyyal Releases v2.0 of Industry Leading Blockchain Platform

                          • A 700% increase in transaction processing performance enables Loyyal’s network to power the world’s largest loyalty and incentive programs. SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Loyyal, the industry leader in applying blockchain technologies to enhance today’s loyalty and incentive programs, is pleased to announce the launch of version 2.0 of the Loyyal Product Suite, its most […]
                          • Loyyal Continues Global Expansion with New Japan-based Investors

                          • Investments from Recruit and Monex provide strategic access and growth opportunities in Asia’s leading loyalty program markets SAN FRANCISCO,  Feb. 4 2019 — Loyyal, the industry leader in bringing the power of blockchain technologies to loyalty and incentive programs, announced today that it has received investments from two leading Japanese firms, Recruit Holdings Ltd, and Monex […]

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