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    LILA Games is based in Santa Clara, California, USA. The number of employees in LILA Games is unknown. Mobile game developer
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          LILA Games has received 1 rounds of venture funding. The total funding amount is around $2.8M.
          • BITKRAFT Ventures

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                        LILA Games - Blog

                          • JK on Creators at Work Podcast

                          • Katie Kuffel and Brett Nowak from the Liquid & Grit Creators at Work podcast interview LILA CEO Joseph Kim about retrospectives, specs, workflow, and culture at LILA Games. Books mentioned in this podcast include Atomic Habits by James Clear and Principles by Ray Dalio.
                          • GamesBeat Panel on Ad Monetization

                          • In this talk LILA CEO, Joseph Kim, speaks with RIna Hahm from Facebook and Chris Akhavan, Chief Revenue Officer, from Glu Mobile about Ad Monetization in mobile games.
                          • Diversity in Gaming

                          • In this video, LILA Games CEO Joe Kim interviews three industry leaders on the topic of diversity in the games industry for women. Dr. Jo Twist, CEO of UKIE – UK Interactive Entertainment Sam Wallace, Managing Director of Sheffield Haworth Linda Waste, Sr. Director, Talent Acquisition, Inclusion & Diversity & Employer Branding What are the […]
                          • Farlight 84 – New FPS Shooter in 2021 | Reaction & Analysis

                          • Hey folks, we’re big fans of Lilith the makers of games such as Rise of Kingdoms and AFK Arena. They just released a trailer for what looks like the next huge battle royale shooter game to be launched in 2021 on mobile and PC. As game developers in shooters, we know a thing or two […]
                          • Why Did We Start LILA Games?

                          • Co-founders Joseph Kim (CEO), Paul Leydon (CCO), and Avinash Pandey (CTO) talk about why they started LILA Games. A new F2P games studio trying to build a new genre of shooter game initially for mobile platforms.
                          • Netcode for Multiplayer Games

                          • We talk about netcode for multiplayer games. How to achieve competitive performance. Talking about this topic we have some incredible speakers including: #1. Glenn Fiedler who has been a programmer and multiplayer lead at companies like Irrational Games, Pandemic, Playstation, and Respawn. Currently, Glenn is the founder and CEO of Network Next which is essentially […]

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