Joint Investments Among Top Venture Capitalists (VCs)

If you would like to discover joint startup investments, please select venture capital firms from list below. For example, if you like to find joint startup investments among “Sequoia Capital”, “Kleiner Perkins” and “Google Ventures”, you can pick “Sequoia Capital” as Venture Capital Firm 1, “Kleiner Perkins” as Venture Capital Firm 2, and “Google Ventures” as Venture Capital Firm 3.

If you pick only one VC firm, you will only see that one VC firm investments. If you pick 2, you will see startups that have received investments from both of these firms. At this moment, we only support maximum 3 VC firms, although we can support many more joint investment dimensions.

To illustrate the system, we include only a few VC firms for the list below. You can see all the VC firms we have here. Contact us if you have unique search requirements.

Venture Capital Firm 1
Venture Capital Firm 2
Venture Capital Firm 3