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    IoCurrents, Inc. was founded on April 2015. The company is based in Seattle, WA, USA . The number of employees in ioCurrents, Inc. is less than 10. Iocurrents turns large scale maritime sensor data into actionable intelligence that increases efficiency and reliability.

    Here is how ioCurrents, Inc. describes itself: "Predict failures. Optimize fuel. Improve maintenance. Digitization gives you the data. ioCurrents’ MarineInsight platform tells you the story."
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          ioCurrents, Inc. has received 3 rounds of venture funding. The total funding amount is around $6.3M.

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                        ioCurrents, Inc. - Blog

                          • OEM digital solutions are for OEMs, not owners

                          • Shipowners and operators reap the benefits of an independent, unbiased vessel optimisation solution, the owner of one such solution told Seatrade Maritime News. Gary Howard | Jan 19, 2022 Cosmo King, co-founder and CIO of ioCurrents said its position as a third party—independent of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)—means the company is able to offer unbiased vessel […]The post OEM digital solutions are for OEMs, not owners appeared first on ioCurrents.
                          • Rising Tide

                          • The digital revolution comes to maritime – at last! – bringing with it the potential to lift all boats. Propelled by the appeal of remote services and increased efficiency, software utilization across the maritime market has boomed. The industry today is advancing steadily toward the next significant chapter in its growth as disruption fuels demand […]The post Rising Tide appeared first on ioCurrents.
                          • ioCurrents Popularity Leads to Global Expansion

                          • Leading data analytics experts at ioCurrents have recently experienced an overwhelming increase in interest for their edge computing platform MarineInsight™. Designed to provide ship owners and charterers with meaningful insights into vessel fuel consumption, parts failure predictions and condition-based maintenance planning, the company’s proprietary platform uses AI and machine learning to analyse data from different […]The post ioCurrents Popularity Leads to Global Expansion appeared first on ioCurrents.
                          • ‘We don’t care who made it, we can analyse it’, claims data guru

                          • io Currents founder Cosmo King says firm can monitor and analyse data from any vendors’ kit and has no ‘skin in the game’ on how well it works Cosmo King is in fighting-talk mode when comparing io Currents’ third-party vessel operations monitoring services with those from makers or sellers of systems. “We provide analytical oversight […]The post ‘We don’t care who made it, we can analyse it’, claims data guru appeared first on ioCurrents.
                          • MobileOps and ioCurrents announce new integration

                          • Maritime software company MobileOps has partnered with data analytics and IoT technology firm ioCurrents to launch a new integration that will boost operational efficiency by automating data collection. The integration sees ioCurrents’ MarineInsight sensor data streamlined though MobileOps’ platform. ioCurrents DataHub, an edge-analytics IoT device collects real-time component hour and vessel position GPS data, which […]The post MobileOps and ioCurrents announce new integration appeared first on ioCurrents.
                          • Platform solution for Big Data, AI and machine learning

                          • Big Data is one of the buzzwords in shipping. Seattle-based ioCurrents aims to help ship owners and managers optimise vessel performance by providing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Started in 2015 the company spent the first two years developing its platform Marine Insights. Co-founder Cosmo King talked to HANSA about chances and challenges […]The post Platform solution for Big Data, AI and machine learning appeared first on ioCurrents.

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