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    Indiva was founded on January 2013. The company is based in London. The number of employees in Indiva is less than 50. Indiva provide access to medical cannabis.

    Here is how Indiva describes itself: "Indiva is a Canadian licensed producer of premium cannabis and cannabis products, and a provider of extraction, manufacturing and refinement services, based in London, Ontario. Indiva aims to be a clear Canadian leader in the cannabis industry by creating products that outperform the field in their quality and creativity."
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          Indiva has received 3 rounds of venture funding. The total funding amount is around $45.2M. Last venture funding round was $11M, announced on February, 2021.
          • Sundial Growers

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                          • What is the entourage effect and is it real?

                          • If you’re familiar with cannabis you’ve likely heard the terms THC and CBD. These two stars of are what’s called compounds, and are found in the dots of resin on the cannabis bud. There are actually dozens of chemical compounds[1] found in the resin, called cannabinoids, and when ingested each compound interacts with the endocannabinoid system in the body. In 1998, a theory called the Entourage Effect was published in the European Journal of Pharmacology[2]. It suggests that although each cannabinoid has its own effects, when ingested together they may play a supporting role in the overall effects of a strain. For example, people who consume too much THC can feel anxious or paranoid. Anecdotal evidence has led people to believe that the unwanted effects can be mitigated by consuming CBD. Cannabinoids are not the only element involved in this collaboration of compounds – terpenes are also thought to play a role in the entourage effect. What are terpenes and why do they matter? If you’re not familiar with terpenes but interested in the topic, we have a great rundown here. For quick reference, terpenes are the aromatic compounds that emanate from cannabis and most other plants. They include scents like berries, diesel, cheese, skunk, pine, citrus, and many others. Many cannabis strains are named for their terpene smells, including Sour Diesel, Blueberry, Pineapple Express, and Ice Cream Cake. These terpenes also bind to our cannabis receptors and cells, adding to the idea that everything in the plant is working together. As with most cannabis topics, there is an ongoing debate about the validity of the entourage effect, with some scientists indicating it’s a marketing ploy to sell more products. Part of this skepticism comes from the fact that cannabis legalization is still in its infancy, and is only recently being studied on an extensive level. Until the entourage effect can be scientifically proven, the best way for consumers to test the theory would be to consider full-spectrum products (often called whole plant extracts). These products are designed to contain as much of the original plant as possible, including many compounds and terpenes. This is a first-hand way to determine if the entourage effect is different from straight THC or CBD. As always, please consume responsibly. *NOTE: This is not an exhaustive list of factors that contribute to a person’s high. Every person’s body reacts differently to cannabis..    [1] [2] European Journal of Pharmacology – Vol 353, Issue 1, July 17, 1998The post What is the entourage effect and is it real? appeared first on INDIVA.
                          • Bhang Café Mocha

                          • Looking to add a little boost to your day? We’ve got a Bhangin’ recipe for you that combines two of our favourite things: coffee and cannabis. Whether it’s a wake-and-bake or having an infused brew in the park with a friend, this pairing is a winning combination. You can make this delicious recipe at home using your favourite coffee brand and any flavour of Bhang chocolate, but we recommend using new THC Caramel Mocha Milk Chocolate (10mg THC). Here’s what you will need: 1 Bhang Chocolate bar – you can use new THC Caramel Mocha Milk Chocolate, or any of Bhang’s 6 other delicious flavours 3 ounces of fresh espresso coffee 8 ounces of steamed milk Whipped cream Directions: Chop up your Bhang Chocolate bar with a sharp knife until it’s in very small chunks (slivers) Place the chocolate at the bottom of your mug Brew your espresso Slowly pour the espresso into your mug and chocolate and stir until it starts to dissolve Pour in all of the steamed milk and continue to stir until everything is completely dissolved and well-mixed Garnish with whipped cream and cinnamon (if desired) Enjoy!   Note: If you would like a less potent beverage, split the Bhang Chocolate in half to make 2 mugs and replicate the recipe to share with a friend. Whatever dosage you prefer, always start low and go slow. Refer to Health Canada’s guidelines on cannabis consumption for more information. As with any cannabis product, never share with anyone under the age of 19, and keep cannabis out of reach of minors at all times.  The post Bhang Café Mocha appeared first on INDIVA.
                          • Bhang Cookies and Cream Milkshake

                          • Recipe: Bhang Cookies and Cream White Chocolate Milkshake What’s bhetter than a milkshake on a summer’s day? A Bhang Cookies and Cream White Chocolate milkshake. With 10 mg of THC per bar, you can turn your milkshake experience into something a little more decadent (and a lot more chill). Here’s what you will need: 1 Bhang THC Cookies and Cream White Chocolate bar (10mg THC) 1 scoop of vanilla or chocolate ice cream 150ml milk Chocolate or caramel sauce Whipped cream Substitutions: If cookies and cream aren’t your thing, you can substitute for any Bhang cannabis chocolate, and can switch out the flavour of ice cream to suit your tastes. You can also lower the THC dosage by using only half of a Bhang bar (or a quarter) and adding the same amount of uninfused chocolate bar of your choice. Finally, 2% milk is recommended but skim milk will work. Instructions: Place Bhang THC Cookies & Cream bar, ice cream, and milk in a blender. Ensure blender lid is on tight. Blend ingredients to a smooth consistency Pour in a large glass Add whipped cream and chocolate or caramel sauce on top Garnish with chopped nuts or cherries if desired   Whatever dosage you prefer, always start low and go slow. Refer to Health Canada’s guidelines on cannabis consumption for more information. As with any cannabis product, never share with anyone under the age of 19, and keep cannabis out of reach of minors at all times.    The post Bhang Cookies and Cream Milkshake appeared first on INDIVA.
                          • A Beginner’s Guide to Weed Gummies | Chatelaine

                          • The post A Beginner’s Guide to Weed Gummies | Chatelaine appeared first on INDIVA.
                          • Press Release – Indiva Reports First Quarter Fiscal 2021 Results

                          • Indiva Reports First Quarter Fiscal 2021 Results Indiva Achieves Record Market Share in April 2021 LONDON, Ontario – June 1, 2021: Indiva Limited (the “Company” or “Indiva”) (TSXV:NDVA) (OTCQX:NDVAF), the leading Canadian producer of cannabis edibles and other cannabis products, is pleased to announce its financial and operating results for the first quarter of fiscal 2021 ended March 31, 2021. All figures are reported in Canadian dollars ($), unless otherwise indicated. Indiva’s financial statements are prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (“IFRS”). For a more comprehensive overview of the corporate and financial highlights presented in this press release, please refer to Indiva’s Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations for the Three Months Ended March 31, 2021, and the Company’s Condensed Consolidated Interim Financial Statements for the Three Months Ended March 31, 2021 and 2020, which are filed on SEDAR and available on the Company’s website, “We are pleased to report continued growth in our business, strength in retail sell-through, improvement in market share and a tripling of our net revenue year-over-year.  On a sequential basis, the first quarter of 2021 presented temporary challenges resulting from seasonality and provincial lockdowns, coupled with a very difficult comparison against strong sell-in of new Wana Sour Gummies products in Q4 2020; however Indiva ended the quarter with record net monthly revenue in the month of March 2021,” said Niel Marotta, President and Chief Executive Officer of Indiva. “Looking forward to Q2 2021, the Company expects to resume sequential growth in quarterly net revenue to record levels, given the receipt of record purchase orders to date, and we expect to see continued improvement in gross margins.  New products introduced in late Q1 and early Q2, including three new Wana Quick SKUs and two new Bhang Chocolate SKUs, have been well received across Canada, and data continues to indicate that Indiva is expanding its leading market share in the edibles category.  We are very excited about the Company’s growth prospects for the balance of fiscal year 2021.”   HIGHLIGHTS Quarterly Performance Gross revenue in Q1 2021 was $6.87 million representing a 203% increase year-over-year from Q1 2020, and a 10.5% sequential decrease from Q4 2020. Net revenue in Q1 2021 was $6.22 million representing a 209% increase year-over-year from Q1 2020, and an 11.8% sequential decrease from Q4 2020, and driven primarily by sales of category leading edibles, including Wana Sour Gummies and Bhang Chocolate. Net revenue from edible products grew to $5.53 million, up 243% from $1.61 million in the prior year period and down slightly from record levels of $5.92 million in Q4 2020. Edible product sales represent 89% of net revenue in Q1 2021. Gross profit before fair value adjustments and impairments, improved sequentially and year-over-year to a record $1.18 million, and increased to 19.0% of net revenue versus 2.4% in Q1 2020 and 12.3% in Q4 2020. The improvement in gross margin resulted from the Company beginning to benefit from the lower cost distillate used in production, with the majority of the benefit yet to be realized. The Company expects gross margins to continue to improve in Q2 2021, as the Company continues to benefit from substantially lower distillate costs. Impairment charges in the quarter totaled $0.8 million, including the disposal of product that did not meet the Company’s quality standards, disposal of aged inventory and write-downs in the quarter. Operating expenses in the quarter decreased by 12.5% to $2.22 million, versus Q4 2020 and increased by 40.2% versus Q1 2020, primarily due to higher marketing and sales commissions, offset by lower administrative costs. The Company expects operating expenses to decline as a percentage of net revenue as the year progresses. Comprehensive net loss included one-time expenses and non-cash charges totaling $1.53 million. Excluding these charges, comprehensive loss in the quarter declined to $1.49 million versus a loss of $1.84 million in Q1 2020. Cash balance stood at $7.1 million at March 31, 2021.   April 2021 Market Share Hits New Record In April 2021, according to Ontario Cannabis Store (“OCS“) data, Indiva broke into the top 10 in overall market share, ranking 9th amongst Licenced Cannabis Producers in Ontario, across all categories. Sell through data from Hifyre for the month of April 2021 shows strong sales of Indiva edible products. With a 48% share of sales, up from 46% in the month of March 2021, Indiva continues to expand its lead in the #1 market share position in the edibles category.  Market share increased in April across all provinces: Ontario #1 with 47% market share. Note: OCS data put Indiva market share in the Edibles category at 45.2% for April, an increase from 44.6% in March. Alberta #1 with 52% market share. British Columbia #1 with 50% market share. Saskatchewan #1 with 29% market share. Manitoba #1 with 51% market share. Wana Sour Gummies led the edibles category with 36% category share. Bhang® led the chocolate category, with Bhang® Milk Chocolate remaining the top selling chocolate edible SKU nationally. Product ranking in April 2021 showed the top five SKUs are Wana™ Sour Gummies (led by Strawberry-Lemonade) and seven of the Top 10 SKUs are from Indiva. Based on Hifyre data from British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Saskatchewan, the edibles category improved in April 2021 to a record $11.04 million in retail sales versus $5.0 million in April 2020, and $10.7 million in March 2021. Turning to OCS data, the edibles category in Ontario declined slightly from March 2021, to $3.5 million in April 2021. Headset data for April 2021 showed eight of the top nine edible products in Ontario were Indiva products. The Company will address the balance of Q2 market share in conjunction with the release of its Q2 financial results.   Operational Highlights for the First Quarter Fiscal 2021 The Company closed a $22 million debt and equity placement with Sundial Growers Inc. on February 23, 2021. Six “Always Available” SKUs from Indiva became available on the OCS, including three […]The post Press Release – Indiva Reports First Quarter Fiscal 2021 Results appeared first on INDIVA.
                          • Brain Candy | NEXT Magazine

                          • The post Brain Candy | NEXT Magazine appeared first on INDIVA.

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