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    IdealSpot was founded on November 2014. The company is based in Austin, TX, USA . The number of employees in IdealSpot is less than 50. Demand driven retail site selection and auditing

    Here is how IdealSpot describes itself: "Grow faster with better local market research. View demographics, traffic, competition, spending, demand, and more using simple, self-serve reporting tools."
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          IdealSpot has received 3 rounds of venture funding. The total funding amount is around $2.3M.

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                        IdealSpot - Blog

                          • Persona Mapping – The Data Science Behind Identity

                          • Persona Mapping: The data science behind identity Before I joined Idealspot my fund used data science to identify trends in the municipal bond market, focusing in particular on the “retail...The post Persona Mapping – The Data Science Behind Identity appeared first on IdealSpot.
                          • Using Brand Affiliation for Competitor’s Locations

                          • Analyzing competitor locations using traditional data sets like demographics and traffic counts is a great way to get started. But there is a lot more you can do if you...The post Using Brand Affiliation for Competitor’s Locations appeared first on IdealSpot.
                          • IdealSpot Webinars – Lab Hours

                          • Join our moderator and GIS expert Dakota for our data-science and data visualization discussion on the following topics:Data Visualization - using tools to compare multiple locations...The post IdealSpot Webinars – Lab Hours appeared first on IdealSpot.
                          • CLONING SUCCESSFUL LOCATIONS

                          • At IdealSpot, we’ve built a business on the premise that data holds the key to discovering the unique components of success for any business. Just like a fingerprint or DNA profile...The post CLONING SUCCESSFUL LOCATIONS appeared first on IdealSpot.
                          • FAQ – Traffic Reports

                          • What is included in your traffic reports? First, we include the industry standard Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT). This shows the typical vehicle traffic per day in front of your location...The post FAQ – Traffic Reports appeared first on IdealSpot.
                          • Territory Cutting – Affordable Heat Maps

                          • Heat Mapping Easy to Use, Affordable, Easy to Understand The traditional 1/3/5 mile radius is an inaccurate way of determining territories and trade areas.  It is much more modern, better...The post Territory Cutting – Affordable Heat Maps appeared first on IdealSpot.

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