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    Hyperscience was founded on January 2014. The company is based in New York, NY, USA . The number of employees in Hyperscience is less than 250. The world's first software-defined, input-to-output automation platform

    Here is how Hyperscience describes itself: "Discover the world's first Software-Defined, Input-to-Outcome Automation Platform used by the Global 2000s and government organizations around the world."
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          Hyperscience has received 7 rounds of venture funding. The total funding amount is around $188.9M. Last venture funding round was $80M, announced on October, 2020.

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                        Hyperscience - Blog

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                          • The life of a start-up is about how many hurdles you can overcome and keep moving forward. Can you code the first version of a product? Can you get your first customer? Can you debug that first product issue? How many fire drills or existential crises can you handle at one time? Can you hire […]The post Building The New Frontier of Automation appeared first on Hyperscience.
                          • Human-Machine Collaboration Can Positively Reshape the 21st Century

                          • Almost 110 years ago, in 1913, Henry Ford’s innovation of the first moving assembly line started operating, allowing for the mass production of the Model T. Thanks to Fords’ initiative and ingenuity, the assembly line established one of the first sequenced relationships between people and technology, capable of reducing overall production time by nearly 90%—going […]The post Human-Machine Collaboration Can Positively Reshape the 21st Century appeared first on Hyperscience.
                          • How Automation Can Support the Upcoming Medicaid Redetermination

                          • Medicaid remains a critical support system for those who rely on it for their medical care. Its importance has only grown as the United States, like other nations, battles through a pandemic that has changed the overall landscape of life, health, and the livelihood of its citizens over the past two years.  Similarly, the Children’s […]The post How Automation Can Support the Upcoming Medicaid Redetermination appeared first on Hyperscience.
                          • Machine Learning Mentorship: Q+A with NYU Graduate Students

                          • Inspired by the limitless possibilities of ML, Jocelyn Beauchesne recently mentored NYU CDS grad students on their NLP Capstone project. The post Machine Learning Mentorship: Q+A with NYU Graduate Students appeared first on Hyperscience.
                          • Human centered Automation as the Key to Business Future-proofing

                          • 2021 has been described as the year of the ‘Great Resignation’ – a year in which employees across the world quit their jobs at historic rates. And it looks like the trend is continuing into 2022. According to consumer data company Statista, the number of workers quitting in the U.S. has no...
                          • 2022 Predictions

                          • What’s Next for Intelligent Document Processing 2021 was a big year for the automation industry and the Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) category. As a product marketer with 8 years in the intelligent automation space, it is incredibly exciting to be part of one of the fastest growing software markets in history – and 2022 doesn’t […]The post 2022 Predictions appeared first on Hyperscience.

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