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    Highfive was founded on February 2012. The company is based in Redwood City, CA, USA . The number of employees in Highfive is less than 100. Highfive simplifies business collaboration with a conferencing platform that builds connected cultures.

    Here is how Highfive describes itself: "Highfive video conferencing simplifies business collaboration. Come discover how Highfive has reimagined meetings and contact us today!"
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          Highfive has received 4 rounds of venture funding. The total funding amount is around $77.4M.

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                        Highfive - Blog

                          • Latest Developments in the Highfive Product

                          • The Highfive Product and Engineering team has been hard at work on the big items that have become most important to our customers since they started doing most of their work from home.  We’re getting close to being able to provide early access to our new “Show Everyone” view, which will allow you to see […]The post Latest Developments in the Highfive Product appeared first on Highfive.
                          • #BlackOutTuesday

                          • After observing what has happened over the last few days since the death of George Floyd, the latest victim of police brutality against African Americans, I knew I wanted to say something. It’s difficult to do without appearing to be pandering or virtue signaling. When discussing it with my leadership team, we felt the best […]The post #BlackOutTuesday appeared first on Highfive.
                          • License Liberation – Imagine Connecting All the People

                          • Complementary to reimagining the in-room video conferencing experience, Highfive has reimagined the management of video conferencing by offering free and unlimited user licenses. To better align with our goal of making video conferencing ubiquitous throughout organizations of all sizes, Highfive will now whitelist your entire domain after you purchase a single Highfive room bundle. Empowering […]The post License Liberation – Imagine Connecting All the People appeared first on Highfive.
                          • Video Collaboration: The Universal Option

                          • We’ve seen massive improvements in video collaboration technology over the last few years. Today’s cloud video services are affordable, high quality, easy to use, and provide a reliable and consistent meeting experience. So, it is no wonder that we’ve seen impressive adoption of video conferencing in the workplace. Even Wall Street has taken notice of […]The post Video Collaboration: The Universal Option appeared first on Highfive.
                          • In and Out of Sync: Modern Collaboration Wants You There

                          • Remember those combat movies of yesteryear, where the heroes would gather just before the mission to synchronize their watches? You’ve probably never had to do that in real life because modern clocks – especially on smartphones – are already in sync with most other digital clocks on the planet. When you call someone, you’re initiating […]The post In and Out of Sync: Modern Collaboration Wants You There appeared first on Highfive.
                          • The Evolution of the Company Meeting: How Technology has Made the Old Way New Again

                          • Thirty years ago, before most companies had email and online calendars, you simply remembered that your team meeting was held in the 3rd floor conference room at 10 a.m. every Thursday. If you were prompt, you grabbed a seat and studied your colleagues’ faces as they appeared around the large conference room table. You noticed […]The post The Evolution of the Company Meeting: How Technology has Made the Old Way New Again appeared first on Highfive.

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