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    Gryphon Environmental was founded on January 2007. The company is based in Owensboro, KY, USA . The number of employees in Gryphon Environmental is less than 10. Gryphon environmental is advanced drying technology.
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          Gryphon Environmental has received 3 rounds of venture funding. The total funding amount is around $4.3M. Last venture funding round was $1.5M, announced on October, 2020.

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                        Gryphon Environmental - Blog

                          • Production of Three Biosolids Dryers begins for Municipalities in NC, PA and NY

                          • March, 2020 Gryphon is pleased to serve three additional municipalities in NC, PA and NY. Production has begun for three units (Models 1040, 1020 and 1040, respectively) scheduled to install in 2020. The Gryphon Biosolids Dryers off efficient, sustainable processing of WWTP biosolids. The patented pressure-differential design enables a mechanically simply device to ensure Class […]
                          • Gryphon installs third municipal dryer of 2019

                          • Gryphon is pleased to have the Murfreesboro, TN dryer installed and operational. The biosolids dryer is processing undigested biosolids from ~15% TS (85% moisture) from fan presses to <10% moisture biosolids. The resulting solids are particlized for agricultural distribution using standard spreaders, with <0.1% of particles less than 1mm. The dust-free material exits the dryer […]
                          • Model 1050 Dryer installed in IN for Hemp

                          • September, 2019 Tid Griffin The most advanced technology for hemp drying was installed in Indiana for gentle, efficient and economical processing of this remarkably beneficial plant. Gryphon’s automation software monitors the process temperatures and product temperatures every 3 feet in the 50-foot long Gryphon Model 1050 Dryer. Drying chopped cannabis from the field from ~75% […]
                          • Gryphon Installs 03-Series Hemp Dryer – 09/2019

                          • September, 2019 Tid Griffin Gryphon installs advanced drying technology for hemp in Michigan. The unit processes hemp at controlled temperatures with automation to ensure oil and CBD protection. By monitoring the material temperature throughout and after the drying process, the Gryphon unit automatically adjusts throughput, process time, process temperatures and air volumes to ensure perfect […]
                          • Vessco, Inc. Representing Gryphon in MN, IA, NE, ND & SD

                          • Gryphon is proud to announce the representation of our advanced drying technology by Vessco, Inc. in the states of Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota. Tid Griffin, “Dick Corbett [CEO of Vessco] and his team have a rich history in biosolids management. In the past 35 years, they have built a reputation for […]
                          • Carter Verplanck Representing Gryphon in Florida

                          • Gryphon Environmental is pleased to announce Florida representation by Carter | Verplanck. CEO Tid Griffin, “We are pleased to have Carter | Verplanck representing Gryphon in the state of Florida. C|V’s staff is uniquely rich in engineering and water/wastewater operations. Their analytical approach helps bring logical and innovative technology into their region. We are especially […]

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