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    Groq was founded on January 2016. The company is based in Palo Alto, CA, USA . The number of employees in Groq is less than 100. Groq develops a tensor processing unit, which is an integrated circuit developed specifically for machine learning.

    Here is how Groq describes itself: "Simplify Compute, Everywhere."
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          Groq has received 4 rounds of venture funding. The total funding amount is around $362.3M. Last venture funding round was $300M, announced on April, 2021.

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                        Groq - Blog

                          • Groq Receives Recognition with Frost & Sullivan 2022 Technology Innovation Leadership Award
                          • Why Groq – Michelle Donnelly

                          • As someone who is customer-obsessed and a “growth hacker,” I’ve joined Groq as Chief Revenue Officer. During my time as a sales and go-to-market leader at Salesforce, one of the largest global cloud-based SaaS companies, the holy grails of trust, customer success, and innovation led to impressive revenue growth. I am extraordinarily proud of my […]
                          • Jonathan Ross: ‘Every. Word. Matters.’

                          • This interview was originally published in EE|Times Weekend. Reposted with permission. Jonathan Ross is Groq’s founder and CEO. Prior to founding Groq, he began what became Google’s TPU effort as a 20% project, where he designed and implemented the core elements of the original chip. Jonathan next joined Google X’s Rapid Eval Team, the initial stage […]
                          • Why Groq – Jim Miller

                          • My career has taught me that most people will ask for what they know. So when they get something unexpected, and better than what they had in mind, it feeds creativity and what I like to call a “virtuous cycle.” I saw this from the beginning of my career during the early stages of the […]
                          • Why Groq – Igor Arsovski

                          • Groq is always hiring for talent density. We value sharing about our culture and talent transparently, so we sat down with Igor Arsovski, Fellow, to talk about his journey to Groq. Let’s start with the core question, why Groq?Over the course of my career, I’ve had access to some of the compute industry’s most challenging […]
                          • Why Groq – San Mehat

                          • I’ve always joked that I was born 10 years too late to participate in the microcomputer revolution of the 1980s and 300 years too early to participate in deep space exploration.  Instead, I grew up on a farm in the 80’s while my parents ran a computer store out of their basement. At eight years […]

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