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    Good Catch was founded on January 2016. The company is based in Newtown, PA, USA . The number of employees in Good Catch is less than 50. Good catch specializes in developing plant-based seafood alternatives.
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          Good Catch has received 5 rounds of venture funding. The total funding amount is around $77.1M. Last venture funding round was $26.4M, announced on April, 2021.

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                        Good Catch - Blog

                          • Party-Perfect Bites

                          • Whether you’re throwing a cocktail party, putting together a game-day spread or joining in a potluck, we’ve got a great roundup of plant-based recipes for gatherings large and small. We’ve made sure to cover all of the major party food groups: savory small appetizers, topped bread bites, and dips. Tip: For one less party-prep shopping trip, you can get our plant-based seafood delivered right to you. BITE-SIZE APPETIZERS Punch up the party with small bites that pack in lots of flavor — and in some cases, a little heat to keep things exciting. Tempura Fish Cakes with Jalapeño Ponzu Crab…
                          • Cozy Recipes for Chilly Evenings

                          • Here some of our favorite hearty plant-based recipes to welcome cooler weather, from warming chowder to stuffed potatoes and mushrooms, pasta, plus a street-food inspired gyro. Throw on your comfiest leisurewear and your hygge playlist, grab your favorite wooden spoon and get started! Mediterranean Burger Gyro Nothing beats picking up a hot gyro while you’re walking around the city on a cold day. This is a vegan-friendly version featuring our Plant-Based Classic Fish Burgers paired with a deliciously easy harissa mayo. Plus, the video demos a helpful time-saver — grill your onions and warm your pitas at the same time.…
                          • The Southern Ocean: You Exist Because of This Ocean

                          • In a cold far away place, complex processes set the stage for all life on Earth. Most of us never think of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. Yet, the survival of this icy place is vital for ocean health and the rest of the world’s survival. We’re partnering up with Mission Blue to help raise awareness for this issue. The first step? Read on to discover how the Southern Ocean facilitates life as we know it. Antarctica and the Southern Ocean Far South lies the coldest, highest and driest of all seven continents: Antarctica. Most of Its vast landmass, roughly…
                          • 3 Easy Ways to Eat More Plants No Matter Your Timeline

                          • Cooking burnout is real. It happens to the best cook you know, it happens to Instagram foodies and it happens to chefs (just ask ours). But there’s a way to eat well, even on days you’re busy with work and yoga practice and driving kids around. It’s called the no recipe-recipe: a loose guideline that relies on basic foods you already buy all the time, like veggies, beans and grains. The beauty of it is that there are no rules, which means you can throw more plants into whatever you’re making and never be wrong. All you need are a…
                          • Small but Mighty: Get to Know the Antarctic Krill

                          • The Antarctic krill, a free-swimming shrimp-like crustacean, is arguably the most important species in Antarctica. They swarm the Southern Ocean in huge numbers and whales, seals and penguins all depend on it. Without the Antarctic krill, the whole Southern Ocean ecosystem would collapse. Discover how this species is “krillin’ it” (We couldn’t resist!) in the cold Antarctic waters and why we should protect them. Antarctic krill weigh more than all humans and can be seen from space This krill takes the crown as the species with the largest biomass (total weight of a living organism) of any wild animal species…
                          • Meet Chad Sarno, Our Chief Culinary Officer and Founding Chef

                          • A lifelong activist, self-described “plant-pusher” and vegan for more than 20 years, Chad Sarno is a co-founder of Gathered Foods, makers of Good Catch. He’s also a co-founder of Wicked Healthy, Wicked Kitchen and Wicked Food brands. You could say he’s got a lot of plants on his plate. Originally from New England, Chad has launched successful plant-based restaurants in Instanbul, Munich, London and Belgrade, and has consulted on restaurant launches around the globe, inspiring plant-based chefs all over and picking up culinary inspiration along the way. His professional highlights show how widespread his impact has been on people’s everyday…

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