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    FeedMob was founded on January 2015. The company is based in San Francisco, CA, USA . The number of employees in FeedMob is less than 50. Feedmob is a mobile ad platform that specializes in honest, post-install kpi driven mobile advertising at scale.

    Here is how FeedMob describes itself: "FeedMob is a performance driven mobile adtech company that provides radically transparent growth solutions for brands around the world."
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          FeedMob has received 3 rounds of venture funding. The total funding amount is around $2.3M.

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                        FeedMob - Blog

                          • MGS SF 2019

                          • FeedMob’s COO Sarah Hawley joins the MGS 2019 Mobile Masters Panel for a moderated discussion on trends, data and anti-fraud best practices in the mobile space. A live Q+A session from the audience follows.
                          • Andrew Tan featured on Kochava Summit Panel

                          • FeedMob’s CEO Andrew Tan joins a panel discussion on mobile trends at the 2018 Kochava Summit in Sandpoint, Idaho.
                          • FeedMob featured at AGS San Francisco Conference

                          • FeedMob’s CEO Andrew Tan talks about mobile growth spend strategy at the 2018 App Growth Summit event in San Francisco.
                          • Testimonial – ebates

                          • “FeedMob has been a great soundboard for us regarding everything mobile, helping us grow our delivery in the US. FeedMobbers share knowledge trends with our team and give us refreshing off-the-cuff ideas about driving growth. We have enjoyed our partnership with them.”
                          • Testimonial – twine

                          • “The FeedMob team has mitigated my company’s risk through their testing and vetting process, and helped me define clean benchmarks in the FinApp UA space. We’ve been able to purchase more transparently, better manage expectations for overall performance, and navigate smoothly within the mobile ecosystem.”
                          • Testimonial – symantec

                          • “In our space, it’s hard to find a partner who is truly in our corner. FeedMob has consistently proven that they prioritize our needs over their interests. Their technology and expertise have made FeedMob a critical part of our strategy and we’re proud of the partnership we’ve built together.”

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