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    EXPLOY was founded on September 2016. The company is based in San Jose, CA, USA . The number of employees in EXPLOY is less than 50. A pioneer members travel community connecting members with a chic atlas of global hideaway destinations.

    Here is how EXPLOY describes itself: "Time is valuable and trips away are precious. EXPLOY seek out the little gems, crème de la crème experiences. No more faceless booking engines!"
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          EXPLOY has received 6 rounds of venture funding. The total funding amount is around $1.5M.

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                        EXPLOY - Blog

                          • Island Hopping in Greece

                          • A Greece vacation has been at the top of our list for a decade, so we we're thrilled when to travel to the Cyclades this past summer. Here, a few favorite highlights, photos, and travel tips from our getaway.The post Island Hopping in Greece appeared first on EXPLOY Inc.®.
                          • Floating Luxury Hotel

                          • This hotel has only 19 rooms, but the sea view is guaranteed from all of them: Guntû is a luxury cruise ship sailing through the Seto Inland Sea in the Setouchi region of Japan, about 100 miles west of Osaka. The ship, which is named after a local species of blue crab, was designed by…The post Floating Luxury Hotel appeared first on EXPLOY Inc.®.
                          • Guide to Influencer Marketing

                          • A guide for hotels battling influencer influenza – an illness brought on by overexposure to requests for ‘hosted stays’ With more than 500 million people using Instagram each day, and 2.38 billion active users on Facebook per month, it’s little wonder modern marketing strategies include a heavy focus on social media. As these platforms have…The post Guide to Influencer Marketing appeared first on EXPLOY Inc.®.
                          • Mozambique’s Best-Kept Secret Beaches

                          • From the bustling metropolis of Johannesburg, it’s just a 45-minute flight to Maputo, the capital of Mozambique. Despite the distance, these neighboring countries couldn’t be more different. If you make the drive to Mozambique along South Africa’s perfectly paved roads, you’ll quickly have your Wizard of Ozmoment once you hit the Kosi Bay border—realizing you’re really…The post Mozambique’s Best-Kept Secret Beaches appeared first on EXPLOY Inc.®.
                          • Meet the Man Who Has Lived Alone on This Island for 28 Years

                          • SEVENTY-EIGHT-YEAR-OLD MAURO MORANDI often walks along the rocky shores of Budelli Island and looks out over the disconsolate sea, feeling dwarfed by the phantom forces that tug and twist the tides. “We think we are giants that can dominate the Earth, but we’re just mosquitos,” Morandi says. In 1989 on a stretch of water between…The post Meet the Man Who Has Lived Alone on This Island for 28 Years appeared first on EXPLOY Inc.®.

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