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    Drift was founded on January 2014. The company is based in Boston, MA, USA . The number of employees in Drift is less than 500. Drift provides a buying experience for potential customers, generate more qualified leads, and dramatically accelerate the sales cycle.

    Here is how Drift describes itself: "Drift is the new way businesses buy from businesses. Try our conversational marketing & sales tools designed to make buying easier today, totally free."
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          Funding & investors

          Drift has received 3 rounds of venture funding. The total funding amount is around $107M.

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                        Drift - Blog

                          • Inside Drift: Meet Sara Miller Blanc, Enterprise Account Executive

                          • Welcome back to Inside Drift, where we introduce you to all of the people that make Drift such a great place to work. So far you’ve met Shannon Donovan, Mary Mitchell, Catherine LaMacchia, Nadine Shaalan, Britnee Laughlin, Carolina Caprile, Michelle Ai, Frank Schepps, Tate Knapp, Zareena Javed, Stacy Chen, Lillian Frost, Miles Kane, Meghan Catucci, … Continued
                          • How Smarsh Used Personalization to Boost Conversions by 13%

                          • It’s been proven time and time again that personalization has a direct impact on buying behavior…which means it directly impacts your bottom line. Don’t believe me? Here are two eye-popping stats from a 2021 McKinsey report: 76% of consumers are more likely to consider purchasing from brands that personalize their buying experience. 78% of consumers … Continued
                          • 3 ABM Plays to Capture the VIP Experience Digitally

                          • It’s no secret that account-based marketing (ABM) really works. After all, who doesn’t love a buying experience that makes them feel like they’re the only person in the room? In 2021, we found that buyer expectations for quick, personalized experiences had grown by 26% in the span of one year. And B2B companies are all … Continued
                          • Why There’s No Right Ops Team Structure (Just a Right Mindset)

                          • Try putting a bunch of operations folks in one room and ask them, “What is the perfect team structure?” I guarantee you would never get a definitive answer. That’s why I’m here to end the debate once and for all. And the answer is pretty simple 👇 There is no “perfect” team structure. While operations … Continued
                          • Drift Conversation Cloud and More Ways to Work Smarter: What’s New This Quarter at Drift

                          • Q1 has been one of Drift’s most exciting quarters yet. In case you missed it, we launched the Drift Conversation Cloud, bringing together three core solutions: Conversational Marketing, Conversational Sales, and the newly-launched, Conversational Service. The Drift Conversation Cloud is powered by Conversational AI and empowers organizations to deliver a personalized and consistent experience at … Continued
                          • 20 Must-Read Books, According to Drift’s Marketing Team

                          • I’ll be the first to admit: I’m a book addict. Before I learned to fear airline luggage restrictions, I would pack three books for the plane ride…and four more in my suitcase. (Just in case I got through them all in two weeks.) Why am I telling you this? Because May is National Get Caught … Continued

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