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    Codefresh was founded on January 2014. The company is based in Mountain View, CA, USA . The number of employees in Codefresh is less than 50. Codefresh is a continuous delivery and collaboration platform for containers and microservices.

    Here is how Codefresh describes itself: "Codefresh's CI/CD platform integrates with the tools you already use and empowers teams of all sizes to build & release pipelines faster at scale."
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          Codefresh has received 3 rounds of venture funding. The total funding amount is around $15M.

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                        Codefresh - Blog

                          • Codefresh Upends Continuous Delivery with Hosted GitOps Platform featuring DORA dashboards and first-class integrations for CI.

                          • Today we’re excited to make three major announcements. First, we’re making it easier to adopt the very popular Codefresh GitOps CD with a fully SaaS offering that is hosted and managed by Codefresh. We’ve heard from many in the community that they’d like to get away from managing Argo CD and focus just on deploying … Read moreThe post Codefresh Upends Continuous Delivery with Hosted GitOps Platform featuring DORA dashboards and first-class integrations for CI. appeared first on Codefresh.
                          • Deploying Microservices with GitOps

                          • Learn how to adopt GitOps for your microservices deployments. This blog post will explain the highlights listed below and how it’s possible to adopt GitOps and the benefits of deploying with Argo for your microservices. What are microservices? What are some of the challenges with microservices? What is GitOps? What is Argo CD? How can … Read moreThe post Deploying Microservices with GitOps appeared first on Codefresh.
                          • GitOps Benefits and Considerations

                          • GitOps. The term appears everywhere, but what are its benefits? And is it as difficult as it sounds? Well, GitOps is a pretty easy paradigm to integrate with your current processes. However, my saying it is “easy” doesn’t help you decide whether you want to adopt it or not. So, let’s talk about it. This … Read moreThe post GitOps Benefits and Considerations appeared first on Codefresh.
                          • Argo CD Best Practices

                          • What are some best practices when using Argo CD? Within this blog post, we’ll be highlighting some best practices tied to Argo CD, that allow you to leverage GitOps easily within your deployment workflow. Below we will explain the following: What is Argo CD What are some best practices with Argo CD? What is Argo … Read moreThe post Argo CD Best Practices appeared first on Codefresh.
                          • Infrastructure As Apps: The GitOps Future of Infra-as-code

                          • What is Infrastructure-As-Apps, Infra-as-Apps, or IaA Infrastructure-as-apps builds on infrastructure-as-code to a logical endpoint by bringing in principles of GitOps management. The term is something I coined in 2021 to describe an existing movement to bring infrastructure into the same lifecycle control as applications under GitOps. Examples of Infra-as-apps tools include Argo CD, Crossplane, Cluster … Read moreThe post Infrastructure As Apps: The GitOps Future of Infra-as-code appeared first on Codefresh.

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