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    Cloud9 was founded on May 2013. The company is based in Los Angeles, CA, USA . The number of employees in Cloud9 is less than 50. Cloud9 is a professional multi-game esports organization that is based in the los angeles, california area.

    Here is how Cloud9 describes itself: "Home of Cloud9, an esports organization with teams participating in League of Legends, Overwatch, Rocket League, CS:GO, Fortnite and Smash."
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          Cloud9 has received 4 rounds of venture funding. The total funding amount is around $74.3M.

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                        Cloud9 - Blog

                          • Tricia Sugita Joins Cloud9 as Chief Marketing Officer

                          • The best team in esports just got better. Today, we are welcoming a brand new face to the team as our Chief Marketing Officer, Tricia Sugita. You may recognize her from her decade of industry experience, as she most recently showcased greatness while building out an organization that reflected her core values of kindness and […]The post Tricia Sugita Joins Cloud9 as Chief Marketing Officer appeared first on Cloud9.
                          • Cloud9 x Pride 2022

                          • At Cloud9, we believe gaming is for everyone regardless of sex, gender identity, or orientation. As we continuously aim to be better LGBTQIA+ allies every year, we are excited to share our 2022 initiatives and activities to continue uplifting and empowering underrepresented and marginalized groups in our space. This year, all profits from the Cloud9 […]The post Cloud9 x Pride 2022 appeared first on Cloud9.
                          • Cloud9 Returns to Counter-Strike

                          • It’s our time to strike. We’re jumping back into the CS:GO arena with our newest team.  When we left the league, we always promised that we would be back. This week, we are returning to the scene with an iconic lineup. This collection of players have shown incredible promise and talent, and we are thrilled […]The post Cloud9 Returns to Counter-Strike appeared first on Cloud9.
                          • Becomes Our First Official Global Cryptocurrency Partner

                          • Cloud9 is thrilled to announce our partnership with as our official cryptocurrency exchange and wallet partner. We are partnering with to create a dialogue around financial literacy and cryptocurrency within the esports community. is the world’s most trusted and fastest growing cryptocurrency platform—with more than $1 trillion transacted and 81 million wallets […]The post Becomes Our First Official Global Cryptocurrency Partner appeared first on Cloud9.

                          • Los Angeles, Calif., December 17, 2021,  Cloud9 announces that British Hurricane will cease operations and part ways with all players and coaches at the end of 2021. Founded in 2018, British Hurricane served as the highly successful academy team for Cloud9’s London Spitfire Overwatch League (OWL) franchise. Cloud9 thanks all past and present Hurricane players, […]The post BRITISH HURRICANE TO CEASE OPERATIONS AT THE END OF 2021 appeared first on Cloud9.
                          • Cloud9 x The Smurfs Collection 2021: Available Now!

                          • Global Esports brand, Cloud9 partners with The Smurfs to create its first “Smurfing” apparel collection for gamers.  Los Angeles, CA. Cloud9 Esports is excited to announce their official brand collaboration with The Smurfs.   Created especially for Cloud9, the collaboration features a full line of uniquely designed hoodies, tees, jerseys, and accessories, with the exciting addition of a new character: “Gamer Smurf”!   With its matching colors and sense of fun, Cloud9 and The Smurfs partnered in […]The post Cloud9 x The Smurfs Collection 2021: Available Now! appeared first on Cloud9.

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