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    CardBoard Live was founded on March 2018. The company is based in Charlottesville, VA, USA . The number of employees in CardBoard Live is less than 10. Cardboard live is revolutionizing card and board game streaming. twitch extension (beta); full platform (series a)
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          CardBoard Live has received 1 rounds of venture funding. The total funding amount is less than $1M.

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                        CardBoard Live - Blog

                          • Announcing: SkyWeaver CardBoard.Live

                          • Dear fans of CardBoard.Live, We’re excited to announce our new SkyWeaver CardBoard.Live extension! What is SkyWeaver, you ask? SkyWeaver is an exciting new free-to-play digital trading card game created by Horizon Blockchain Games. The cards in the game are 100% yours to own and trade, thanks to blockchain-based technology. Watch a 1-minute YouTube video that shows our extension in […]
                          • The CardBoard.Live #MTGWorlds recap. Plus: **EXCLUSIVE** merch giveaway!

                          • What a great weekend! Here is the #MTGWorlds recap from the CardBoard.Live perspective. As a valued member of the CBL community – whether you are a fan, viewer, streamer, or all of the above – THANK YOU. You played an integral part in our collective success with your generous and vocal support. Over the past […]
                          • CardBoard.Live December 2019 update: MC7 & Year-in-Review

                          • [Article as tweet — please share/retweet if possible! Thank you.] Dear fans of CardBoard.Live, Happy holidays! The end of 2019 is approaching and we at CardBoard.Live would like to wish you a great time with loved ones. Below, we will summarize the recent #MythicChampionshipVII and conduct a small year-in-review. #MythicChampionshipVII: Dec 6-8 We witnessed quite […]
                          • CardBoard Live Sept 2019 update: TwitchCon & State of the Beta.

                          • Dear fans of CardBoard Live, TwitchCon San Diego: September 27-29 Wilson and James of CardBoard Live will be at TwitchCon San Diego this week. We’ll be hanging out at the Magic meetups, as described in this WOTC article. Look for us in our CBL jerseys. We’d love to chat! CardBoard Live for Arena: state of […]
                          • CardBoard Live at MTGVegas: everything that happened.

                          • Dear fans of CardBoard Live, We just witnessed the exciting conclusion of a glorious #MTGVegas weekend, hosted by It proved to be one of the biggest Magic events of the year. Congratulations to all competitors, including the winners of the Modern and Limited Grand Prix events, respectively — Simon Nielsen and Allen Wu. It will be […]
                          • CardBoard Live at Mythic Invitational IV: everything that happened.

                          • Dear fans of CardBoard Live, We just witnessed the exciting conclusion of #MythicInvitationalIV in Barcelona, with Thoralf Severin crowned as the new Mythic Champion. Congratulations to Thoralf and all the participants who played their hearts out to compete at the highest level! Once again, CardBoard Live partnered with Wizards of the Coast to power the […]

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