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    Brook was founded on January 2015. The company is based in Seattle, WA, USA . The number of employees in Brook is less than 50. Brook is a personal health companion that brings together clinicians, designers, developers, and entrepreneurs.

    Here is how Brook describes itself: "Get personalized guidance and chat with live health experts any day of the year to help manage or prevent diabetes, lose weight, and boost energy levels."
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          Brook has received 2 rounds of venture funding. The total funding amount is around $4M.

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                        Brook - Blog

                          • Tips for Taking Accurate Blood Pressure Readings at Home

                          • Your doctor may have asked you to measure your blood pressure at home. Here are some tips to make sure your at-home readings are as accurate as possible.
                          • 5 Easy Ways to Boost Healthy Fats

                          • Home Brook+ RPM Partners Who we are News Blog Join now Home Brook+ RPM Partners Who we are News Blog Join now 5 Easy Ways to Boost Healthy Fats Fats were the villain of years past when fat-free diets were all the rage. Luckily for our health (and our taste buds), we now know we […]
                          • Meet Our Health Coaches

                          • Ever wonder who Brook's Experts are, and what makes them, well, experts? Here's your chance to find out!
                          • Brook launches CDC-recognized Diabetes Prevention Program on new platform, Brook+

                          • Brook+ Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) is available following acquisition and integration of HealthSlate into the Brook health service platform.
                          • Introducing Brook+ Diabetes Prevention Program

                          • Brook+ is a new offering from Brook that gives you access to structured health programs developed and led by health professionals. We’re excited to announce that the first program available on Brook+ is a 12-month, CDC-recognized Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP).
                          • Brook’s new Food Journal with Meal Intelligence technology

                          • Home Brook+ RPM Partners Who we are News Blog Join now Home Brook+ RPM Partners Who we are News Blog Join now Brook’s new Food Journalwith Meal Intelligence technology Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Food logging can be more than just tracking your calories. Logging regularly helps you see your eating […]

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