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    Arkose Labs Inc. was founded on January 2015. The company is based in San Francisco, CA, USA . The number of employees in Arkose Labs inc. is less than 100. Arkose labs provides fraud prevention, anti-spam, and abuse analysis for businesses, companies, and industries.

    Here is how Arkose Labs inc. describes itself: "Arkose Labs fraud and abuse prevention platform delivers long-term protection against all forms of abuse by sabotaging attackers' ROI."
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          Arkose Labs inc. has received 8 rounds of venture funding. The total funding amount is around $36.5M.

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                        Arkose Labs inc. - Blog

                          • Arkose Labs Joins the World Wide Web Consortium

                          • With its membership of the World Wide Web Consortium, Arkose Labs has joined the elite group of companies that are redefining the global norms for web development and cyber security. The membership will further strengthen our capabilities in developing solutions that help make the internet safer for everyone Arkose Labs has joined the World Wide […]
                          • Here’s How to Fight Diverse Attacks Across Multiple Touchpoints

                          • The ever-increasing digitization of commerce has opened up new attack vectors, providing fraudsters with the opportunity to diversify their attacks across multiple touchpoints and devices. This also means attacks are increasingly getting intertwined as fraudsters look to maximize their ROI Fraudsters deploy a mix of tactics to target the account entry points across devices – […]
                          • How Fraudsters Blur the Line between Suspicious and Legitimate Traffic

                          • Two of the biggest challenges we face as a web security vendor is gaining a good understanding of the Internet ecosystem and finding the right balance between false positives (when the system incorrectly classifies a legitimate session as suspicious) and false negatives (when the system incorrectly classifies suspicious traffic as legitimate). Fraudsters are incredibly innovative when […]
                          • Human-Driven Attacks Rose 77% During First Half of 2021

                          • In human-driven attacks, fraudsters employ click farms to orchestrate attacks that need more nuanced human interaction. Usually, these attackers step in when bots are unable to bypass fraud defense mechanisms that are designed for need a higher level of human interaction During the first half of 2021, there was a 77% increase in human-driven attack […]
                          • Why Preventing Financial Account Takeover Attacks is Important for Banks and Fintechs

                          • Financial account takeover is a form of identity fraud where fraudsters use stolen credentials to break into digital financial accounts of genuine customers. An exponential increase in the number of consumers using fintech services and digital channels for banking needs during the pandemic has opened up the attack surface like never before, leading to a […]
                          • Arkose Labs Announced $1 Million Credential Stuffing Warranty

                          • Billions of compromised records from data breaches, including username-password and email-password pairs, are the prime fuel for credential stuffing attacks. To protect its partners, Arkose Labs has introduced a limited warranty against credential stuffing attacks which includes up to $1 million in loss recovery and a 48-hour remediation guarantee. Credential stuffing is a bane to […]

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