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Ventures Media is a startup and venture capital (VC) information directory. We focus on the latest trends in global innovations, startups, and venture capital investments. By leveraging AI and big data analytics, we enable information flow and discovery on current startup trends and driving forces behind innovations, entrepreneurs, startups, venture capitalists (VCs) and venture investments. Over time, we strive to build a virtual “Sand Hill Road” to facilitate global innovation exchange and global funding opportunities. Let’s make innovation a true success!

Entrepreneurs and Startups

Ventures Media provides entrepreneurs and startups with marketing exposure and knowledge. In addition to listing, we provide startups with relevant knowledge and resources, industry analysis, and venture capital (VC) investor data to help you better navigate your startup process, discover the right venture capital investors and understand your competitive landscape. Any social (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin) mentioning, and even better, a link back to our site would help us tremendously. In exchange, we would be happy to add more information about your company on your profile page and tell a better story about your company, products or services to the world. If your startup is not covered by us, please submit your startup.

Venture Capitalist (VC) Investors

Ventures Media provides venture capital investors with comprehensive data about a startup, its funding history, and its competitive landscape all in one place to help you discover better venture investment opportunities. We also help you understand existing investor dynamics within a startup to discover synergy and joint venture funding opportunities. If you are interested to see more deals, please kindly contact us.

Venture Industry Experts

We are seeking guest blogger and volunteers who are passionate about the startup and want to make this ecosystem better. If you are interested, please kindly contact us.