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    Lumen Learning was founded on January 2013. The company is based in Portland, OR, USA . The number of employees in Lumen Learning is less than 10. Lumen learning provides high quality open courseware and support for educational institutions.
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          Lumen Learning has received 3 rounds of venture funding. The total funding amount is around $11.3M.

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                        Lumen Learning - Blog

                          • Lumen Learning Partners with Howard University to Improve Educational Outcomes for Students of Color

                          • Collaboration aims to identify best practices and create courseware with the nation’s leading historically Black research university to support students’ academic excellence and eliminate race and income as predictors of student success. Portland, Oregon / June 29, 2022 – Lumen Learning, a leading provider of teaching and learning materials focused on improving student success, affordability, [...]
                          • 8 Zoom Icebreakers to Help You & Your Students Get to Know Each Other

                          • A well-thought-out icebreaker can transform uncomfortable silence at the start of your online classes into lively discussions that encourage each student to loosen up and engage in the virtual lesson ahead. And since online learning is here to stay, it's helpful to have a few solid icebreakers in your arsenal, especially on the first day [...]
                          • RISE Workshops now available for Lumen Waymaker users

                          • Our commitment to supporting faculty At Lumen Learning, we believe deeply that the contributions made by the learner and the faculty are crucial to the development of effective learning materials. Because Lumen uses open educational resources (OER), we have legal permission to make changes to our content for the betterment of teaching, learning, and student [...]
                          • Waymaker Users Can Now Request Course Level Data

                          • From time to time our Waymaker customers are curious about how their students are doing across teaching terms and approach us about what data we have to show their students’ performance on assessments. In order to meet these needs, our research team has devised a standard design for delivering these data that will meet the [...]
                          • Online Teaching Tips: How to Improve Your Virtual Teaching Skills

                          • COVID-19 made widespread virtual teaching and learning necessary on a far larger scale than expected, and much, much sooner. Colleges and universities struggled to end their Spring 2020 semesters in a way that would provide meaningful learning experiences and fair grading practices. Many colleges continued to offer students the choice to attend virtually or in [...]
                          • 7 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Learning Management System

                          • Your learning management system (LMS) is a critical part of your classroom, especially now. More and more students are taking advantage of online learning for its flexibility and availability, even in uncertain times. A study completed in late 2020 highlighted that roughly two-thirds of students in colleges and universities were educated either wholly or partially [...]

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