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    Hone was founded on April 2018. The company is based in San Francisco, CA, USA . The number of employees in Hone is less than 50. Hone is a next-generation platform for live online leadership and management training.

    Here is how Hone describes itself: "Live, expert-led classes to become a better leader, manager, and teammate. Learn from the best alongside a network of like-minded professionals."
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          Hone has received 2 rounds of venture funding. The total funding amount is around $6.4M.

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                        Hone - Blog

                          • Honoring Juneteenth at Hone

                          • On January 1, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, which made it illegal to own slaves in the succeeding Confederate states. Under this executive order, any slave who made it safely across the Union state border would be declared free. Unfortunately, freedom for many slaves, especially those in Texas, wasn’t instantaneous in 1863. […]
                          • Meet Pratik Patel, Hone’s Director of Program Operations

                          • Pratik Patel is Hone’s Director of Program Operations, where he’s in charge of ensuring every customer has a meaningful and life-changing learning experience with Hone. At the root of this role, Pratik is responsible for ensuring the company grows sustainably and efficiently.  He also oversees our coach operations, ensuring we properly recruit, train, and support […]
                          • The Importance of Continuous Learning in the Workplace

                          • Learning is rarely time-bound. Even if we go to school, attend a conference, or read a book to expand our knowledge and skill sets, we don’t stop learning after we graduate, return home, or turn the last page. Instead, we continue to grow and hone these new and existing skills over time; practicing and practicing […]
                          • Meet Sam Levine, Hone’s Head of Learning

                          • Sam Levine is Hone’s Head of Learning and the definition of a player-coach. Sam started his career as a classroom teacher before an interest in technology helped him stumble upon the education-technology world. After working at various ed-tech companies, like Amplify and Coursera, Sam has continued to pursue his passion for helping students everywhere continue […]
                          • The Ultimate Guide to Practicing Mindfulness at Work

                          • Learn what mindfulness at work is, why it matters, and how you can practice it to become more present in the office.
                          • Meet Susi Lopez, Hone’s Sr. People Operations Manager

                          • Susana “Susi” Lopez is Hone’s Sr. People Operations Manager and the heart of our HR department. She’s tasked with the challenge of attracting and retaining the high caliber of talent that makes working at Hone so worthwhile. From recruiting new employees to ensuring existing employees have the resources, growth opportunities, and culture they need to […]

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