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    250ok was founded on January 2012. The company is based in Indianapolis, IN, USA . The number of employees in 250ok is less than 50. Email analytics and deliverability platform

    Here is how 250ok describes itself: "Optimize your email program with advanced analytics for deliverability, recipient engagement, address validation, design testing, and DMARC."
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          250ok has received 1 rounds of venture funding. The total funding amount is around $2.6M.

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                        250ok - Blog

                          • The Age of Email

                          • Relied upon by many, the email channel is a staple in the personal and professional lives of senders and recipients around the world. In October, email will celebrate its 50th birthday… and it’s been quite the journey. Age of adoption In October 1971, email was born when Ray Tomlinson sent the first ever email. Ray’s […]The post The Age of Email appeared first on Validity.
                          • Email ROI: Many Happy Returns

                          • Email celebrates its 50th birthday in October! Ray Tomlinson is widely acknowledged as the godfather of email, sending the first message way back in 1971, followed seven years later by Gary Thuerk who “hijacked” this largely government/military tool to send the first email marketing campaign. The rest, as they say, is history! In saying “many […]The post Email ROI: Many Happy Returns appeared first on Validity.
                          • How Will Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection in iOS 15 Affect Email Marketing?

                          • Apple’s announcement of its plans to introduce Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) has sent reverberations around the world of email marketing. Changes to the Mail app will limit the use of tracking pixels while also masking the users’ IP address, meaning the open tracking and location tracking of these users will be severely impacted. Apple’s changes […]The post How Will Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection in iOS 15 Affect Email Marketing? appeared first on Validity.
                          • E-commerce: How to Attract New Customers with Newsletters

                          • Marketers and customers will agree: data is gold, and knowledge is essential to ensure the relevance of communications. However, the challenge of data collection remains. As consumers become increasingly suspicious of brands, they are less inclined to share their personal information. Newsletter subscriptions are one of the data collection tools at marketing teams’ disposal, as […]The post E-commerce: How to Attract New Customers with Newsletters appeared first on Validity.
                          • On Track for Email Success

                          • In regard to email relevance, how wide is the gap between marketers and consumers when it comes to defining what this important concept actually means? And what are the reasons for their fundamentally different perceptions? These are questions the DMA’s Marketer Email Tracker – sponsored by Validity – is designed to answer. The report provides […]The post On Track for Email Success appeared first on Validity.
                          • Top 6 Tips for Communicating With Consumers During a Natural Disaster

                          • Natural disasters aren’t going anywhere any time soon – and unfortunately, it seems like the frequency in unprecedented natural disasters has increased in recent years. While you cannot control the severity or frequency of natural disasters, you can control how you handle your communication with consumers. You might be asking yourself, what does this have […]The post Top 6 Tips for Communicating With Consumers During a Natural Disaster appeared first on Validity.

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